What Is Green?

by Loreena Thiessen

Green is the colour of summer. Look around. You will see green everywhere. Look up into the trees, a canopy, or cover of leaves shades you from the hot sun. Look down at the green grass soft and cool under your feet. Look at the garden filled with growing green vegetables, and each growing flower that has lush green leaves accompanying it. Plants and flowers need green leaves in order to live.

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Why Associate as an Associate?

Central Asia—We love the Evangelical Mennonite Conference! We value the connections we have made over the years in the EMC. We appreciate the staff and the leaders and the members from so many different backgrounds. And so, when we started the process of moving into a new ministry overseas, we knew we wanted to keep connected with the EMC. Continue reading Why Associate as an Associate?

NFC Releases Building to Northern Growing Abilities

By Janice Imrie

CREIGHTON, Sask.—At NFC, we had some additional surprises this year, beyond the pandemic. We have battled water, seepage and sewer back-up in our basement for numerous years. These chronic problems led to the inward bulging of two walls in our basement. We had come to our wits end. Continue reading NFC Releases Building to Northern Growing Abilities

My Mom is Dying

by Andrew Dyck

In truth, we are all on this particular journey, though it seems she is further along than my family and I anticipated. Or hoped. As cancer wreaks its havoc unseen, she is confined to bed, where she has spent the last three months. It is appropriate to call this time bittersweet, as shock of her terminal diagnosis has been accompanied by rich time together during her final days. I treasure all the conversations with my mother, holding onto them as unexpected gifts never again to be taken for granted. We have talked about deep matters of faith, memories of a life lived together, poked fun at my dad’s expense and bemoaned the Winnipeg Jets’ leaky team defense. Big things, small things, and everything in between. Continue reading My Mom is Dying

The Window

There’s a small window through which we see life
True for everyone, truer still for her
It’s passing by, picking up speed, slowing to a stop
Stillness is mandatory, restlessness inevitable
Despite it all, love shines through
From the space of her bed she sees it, feels it
In the way the birds flitter outside her window
The way their song reaches through the glass,
muffled and persistent
The Valentine’s and cards and declarations of love
that hang from the slats of the blinds
Her family, constant and present with a cup of water,
a kind word, a gentle hug
Her steadfast companion, staying true to his vows,
in sickness and health
It’s present in the petals of the flowers coming in a
constant parade of changing colours
In every bite of food brought to lighten the load
and fortify the body and soul for the journey to come

Aubrey Walker

How everyone comes together,
even when physically, they can’t
The window through which we see life is small
True for everyone, truer still for her
But somehow, love shines through

Can We Be Thankful?

By Tim Dyck

This winter marks the two-year anniversary of Brenda’s initial bout with cancer. Throughout 2018, she endured an operation, chemotherapy and radiation on the road to her recovery. Yet recently, we have learned that her cancer has returned, and there is no curative treatment available. She is now at home, in palliative care, and is restricted to her bed because the cancer has already damaged her spine. We (her family) are blessed to have her home from the hospital, but we recognize that her immediate future is one of more sickness, more hardship, separation, and eventually death. Continue reading Can We Be Thankful?

We are right to grieve

By Erica Fehr, GT Editor

This weekend—this year—isn’t a time for emotional detachment. It’s been a year of death, of separation and profound misunderstandings. And now it’s the Easter weekend—a time of death, of separation and profound misunderstandings.

We’re right to grieve.

In spite of the hope we have—and we do have such incredible hope—it’s right to grieve.

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