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Rosenhof: Remembering a Revival Felt 60 Years Later

by Marvin T. Allan

ROSENHOF, Sask.: Aug. 11, 2018, was an incredibly hot day in Rosenhof, Sask., with the temperature over 37C.

It was a pleasant surprise that a large crowd gathered at the Quonset at the Cornelius Wieler farm where the original revival meetings were held sixty years ago. In 1957 preacher Ben D. Reimer with the EM Church (later Conference) from Steinbach, Man., was coming to Swift Current, Sask., to hold evangelistic meetings with the General Conference pastor Hans Dyck.

Henry Toews came along with Ben Reimer in order to visit relatives in the Mennonite villages south of Swift Current. Mr. Toews was originally a rancher from Paraguay, South America.

Mr. Toews was able to get permission from the Sommerfeld bishop to preach only once in each of the five Sommerfeld churches in the area. His preaching began a movement of the Holy Spirit with the Low German-speaking Mennonite people. Meetings were held in the Quonset at the Corny Wieler farm every night, often lasting as late as 11 p.m.

Three Sommerfeld preachers were brave enough to lead their people into the new EMC fellowship. David Froese, Peter Schlamp, and Abram Leiding experienced a great deal of opposition as they stepped forward in faith to lead this revival.

Cornie and Bernie Plett were called by Ben D. Reimer to come to the Wymark area to help in the new church movement. They began a youth choir and taught them to sing in four-part harmony. The Pletts taught Vacation Bible School at various locations in the district.

Both Cornie and Bernie were able to attend the reunion on Aug. 11, 2018. Both of them spoke and Bernie sang a solo. The entire event was planned and hosted by the grandchildren of Corny Wieler. David and Ron Wieler, Lorraine Funk, Roseanne Poffenroth, Audrey Schlamp and Lois Martens all worked on this project.

The Wieler family have built a stone monument (denkjmol) in their farmyard (see Joshua 4: 21-24) to remember the events that took place here 60 years ago.

Archie Neufeld from the Wymark EMC led the congregational singing, with three other groups singing in Low German and in English.

Several people gave wonderful testimonies of how the revival of 1957/58 changed their lives and the lives of their families. The meeting ended with a light supper (faspa) provided by the Wielers.

The people left refreshed and rejoicing for they remembered what God hath done for them (Joshua 4:24).

Wymark: Paul Little Says EMC Direction a Concern

by Pastor Paul Little

CHORTITZ, Sask.—Paul Little was asked questions by e-mail. Here are his responses. He has served as pastor of the Wymark EMC, its building located in Chortitz, since March 5, 2010.

Tell us about where you were raised, educated, and served prior to Wymark. 

Paul: I was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick. I was born into a pastor’s family. I lived in NB until I was four and then my dad took a church in Ontario. We lived there until I was 14 and then my dad took a church back in NB where he was until I went to Bible school. I was educated at New Brunswick Bible Institute. I got my theological diploma in 2000. I also got an undergraduate degree in Sociology at the Crandall University (formerly Atlantic Baptist University) in 2006. I was a youth pastor in Rochester, New Hampshire, at Rochester Baptist Church from 2001-2003. I also served at Jacksontown Baptist Church prior to coming to Wymark.

Tell us about your family. 

Paul: I have been married to my beautiful supportive wife Amy since May 5, 2000. We have three wonderful children for which I am so grateful to my Lord and Saviour. Jaedon is our oldest; he is 15. Keagon is our middle child who is 13, and finally our little girl Amareis is 11.

How did you hear about Wymark and what led you to serve here? 

Paul: My father-in-law [Pastor Dwight Munn, WCC, Grande Prairie] had told me about the EM Conference. He mentioned that there was a list of churches in The Messenger that were looking for a pastor so I pursued it. God clearly lead me to Wymark through His Word and the prayers of God’s people. I am so grateful for the people of this church and thank the Lord for leading me here.

To understand you as a pastor, what do people need to know?

Paul: I have a heart to preach God’s Word to His people. God has been so good and faithful to me, which leads me to strive to be faithful to Him. I have a desire for God’s people to take God at His “word” and strive to follow Him with all of their hearts. As a pastor, like all believers, I am called to serve God and His people. I love to help people and point people to their creator who desires to be their Saviour.

What do you think of the EMC? 

Paul: I believe the people in the EMC have a desire to serve God. I struggle with the direction the conference is heading. I struggle with the conference’s stance on women leading men. I also disagree with their stance on creation. I know we should celebrate the diversity of our conference; however, diversity that is not grounded on truth of God’s Word is not something that I believe I am called to celebrate. There are different cultures in our conference that have different worship styles and I gladly celebrate those differences.

What else would you want to say? 

Paul: God does not call us to be successful, but He does call us to be faithful (1 Cor. 4:2). This is my true desire!