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Interview with Jeremy Zehr – Responding to Pain

Interview with Jeremy Zehr – by Growing Together (edited transcript)

Growing Together: Hello, Jeremy, thank you for taking time to talk to us today.

I’ve been using the term “high risk population” for your neighbourhood in Winnipeg’s North End. Is that an accurate term?

Jeremy Zehr: Yeah, I think so. I don’t tend to use that language. Some people do and that’s okay. We tend to say neighbours and friends. I mean, as we try to communicate about some of the challenges that people face, we might use vulnerable folks; we might use those living in low-income neighborhoods. That would be a little bit more of how we would describe it, but I’m not opposed to that language. Continue reading Interview with Jeremy Zehr – Responding to Pain

A Conversation About Suicide

by Peter Ascough

It was September of 2017 and I’ll never forget the experience of learning that my sister-in-law had died by suicide. It was hard, not just because as a family we lost a wife, mom, sister and auntie, but because we didn’t know the struggle she’d had. As we learned about her struggle with depression, we all wondered, “How could we not have seen it?” “What could we have done?” and “Why did she never talk about it?” Continue reading A Conversation About Suicide

“What am I supposed to do now?”

On the morning of December 21, 2017, I got a phone call from my Mom. My younger brother Yonatan had taken his life at 25 years old.

It was a day off for me. I was home alone in our basement watching an episode of—of all things—The Great British Bake Off. As I received the news, the episode continued to run on mute in the background. As I hung up, I slumped on the couch. Numb. Continue reading “What am I supposed to do now?”