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Love that conquers shame

By Ken Shigematsu

From time to time, I have a nightmare: I’m in the church sanctuary, the offering is being taken, and I am about to get up and preach in a couple of minutes—but I have no idea what to say. I begin to frantically scratch out an outline on some scrap paper. I get up, move to the pulpit, and glance down at my notes. To my horror, all I can see are these completely indecipherable symbols: #!%?3^R*^&. As I begin to wing it, the auditorium empties. Continue reading Love that conquers shame

Shigematsu explores how love releases from shame

Ministry leaders gather at SBC Leadership Conference held March 11–12

By Jesse Penner

Shame is one of the most universal human experiences. Whether we are young or old, students or teachers, leaders or followers, all of us can identify with the sting of failure. For many pastors and ministry leaders this season of division and loss has brought with it deep feelings of inadequacy and exhaustion. How do we combat the feeling in our souls that we aren’t enough, or that we don’t measure up? Continue reading Shigematsu explores how love releases from shame

The Sneaky Snare of Shame

By Kevin Aron Wiebe

It is dangerous to discover who you are. Despite all the modern cultural notions we hear about people going on a quest to, “find themselves,” seeing the reflection of one’s identity is a difficult and dangerous prospect that’s fraught with pain. Ask any parent who has a tiny version of themselves walking around saying the same sassy things as Mom and Dad, revealing and amplifying the very traits their parents are ashamed of. Yet discovering a clear and sober minded picture of who we are—and who we ought to be—is important for Christians who wish to grow in faith. Continue reading The Sneaky Snare of Shame