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Lists to Live By

By Karla Hein

I’ll admit that I have blissfully floated through life catching rides on other people’s checklists.

Leaving for college? I received my family’s hand-me-down list of dorm room essentials. Unfortunately, the list didn’t suggest a packing order. My Cheerios had a floral taste suspiciously similar to the fabric softener sheets squished next to them in my suitcase. Continue reading Lists to Live By

Scripture on the Proper Use of Scripture

by Rebecca Roman

In this issue, Darryl Klassen describes some ways Christians can abuse scripture in his article, “Hermeneutical Fallacies and Sexuality.” One way, he says, is that “scripture can be used ungraciously, as a weapon, to ‘beat down’ the other.”

This is an aspect of scripture’s use that has often concerned me. There are descriptions in the Bible of God’s word as a weapon—not against people, but against “the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 6:12). Continue reading Scripture on the Proper Use of Scripture