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EMC Board of Missions Approves Special Projects at its June Meeting

by Ken Zacharias, Foreign Secretary

  1. Northern Mexico: $800 to assist eleven youth to attend a national youth conference in Designation: MW – Camp Ministry
  2. Guadalajara Mexico: $1,500 for a Guadalajara Outreach event. Designation: M1 – Guadalajara Outreach
  3. Paraguay: $500 Assist Chris and Revita Kroeker in receiving training at “Caring for the Heart” ministries in Colorado Springs Designation: P1 – Caring for the Heart
  4. Paraguay: $2,500 Radio Mensajero Daily Program Support (please read the article below describing this project.) Designation: P1 – MBN

To donate to a project, please send it to:

EM Conference
440 Main St.
Steinbach, MB
R5G 1Z5

Radio Mensajero: Daily Program Support

by Friedbert Siemens, director, Radio Mensajero

Radio Mensajero, located in Tres Palmas, Paraguay, has broadcast the Good News of salvation for more than 18 years. When we think of people who have heard this marvelous message, we are filled with joy and thankfulness. Our audience is thankful for a helpful Christian radio station.

God has been faithful and he has put in our path many people ready to pray, encouraging us and giving of their finances.

Ken Zacharias
Ken Zacharias

We have a special project called Daily Program Support available for listeners and supporters to assist with daily costs in running a radio staion. The request is 350,000 Guaranies or about $85/day. Although this isn’t the complete amount to run the station, it assists greatly. Each year we are need more donors, and it would be a great blessing to have donors for each day of the year. I invite you to be part of this project, and be assured that your donation would help us a lot. Thank you and may the Lord bless you!