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Braeside: Prayer Days, ‘Put on Love’ are Key Events

by Caroline Loewen

WINNIPEG, Man.—Viewing photos of other members of Braeside congregation helps us to know each other better, so a few times per year we are asked to send photos of Christmas functions; at another occasion things we are thankful for. Seeing others with family or friends gives us a quick look into their everyday lives.

A Lenten display near the front of the church can help us to appreciate the coming Easter season. A purple cloth stands for penitence, burlap for sorrow and mourning, sand and stone to remind us of Jesus in the wilderness, a candle to show God’s presence to us, and a cross for Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins. As we ponder the meaning of this display, may it help to make Jesus’ sacrifice more real to us.

Several “Prayer Days” have been observed. When one shows up, one is given a prayer guide and each one works alone. This is a time of reflection, focusing on Scripture, and praying at several locations: the boardroom, a Sunday School room, the prayer room, and back to the sanctuary.

Nineteen people signed up with “compassion” when Jay Calder presented the great need for more sponsors. His guitar playing was fascinating; and when he told us his family is also supporting several children through “Compassion,” he showed they “practiced what they preached.”

“Put on Love,” a fashion show that attracted many who had perhaps never been to Braeside Church, was a stunning success, judging by the crowd that attended. Testimonies, good musical entertainment and lovely desserts were all a part of the evening. It was a special outreach to others.

Prayer was requested for the family of Kevin Davis: Shannon, Maria, and Joshua. Kevin passed away on Sept. 24, 2016. Linda Smith also needs our prayer, as her husband Denis died on Nov. 9, 2016.

Thanks to Layton Friesen, who filled in on Sundays while our pastor, Kim Stoesz, and her husband Jerry were on holidays.

Does your church have a family Sunday? Try this if you like: when a month has five Sundays, we designate that extra Sunday as a family Sunday. On this day we encourage children and young families to attend by having a sermon especially for children.