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Portage: Baptisms in 2017, God’s Faithfulness in 2018

by Catherine Epp

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, Man.—The year 2017 has passed. Many things happened and were celebrated. We welcomed children born, adopted and dedicated to the Lord. We celebrated weddings, graduations and baptisms and so much more!

One highlight was Dec. 24, 2017, when three young ladies asked to be baptized at Christmas time. It was a great time to remember for Clara Baer, Rebecca Wiebe, and Hailey Wieler. May God guide and bless each one of them for the decisions they made. They all shared their testimony and their mentors were there for their support.

As we continue to seek God and support one another we can find our hope being ratified by faith-building memories of God’s unchanging character and dependability. As we look ahead to the New Year 2018 let’s remember that God has always been and always will be faithful.


Mexico: Missions Trip to San Pablito

by Marcus Loewen

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, Man.—There were fifteen of us, including adults, that went for a missions trip from March 22-25 with Braveheart Ministries to San Pablito, Mexico. Six were from our church. We took vehicles from Mexico City, making a four-hour drive out to mountainous San Pablito, Four hours from Mexico City.

We lived among the people, observing the artisans and ministering to the youth through a worship night and a soccer game in the mountains.

There were a couple God experiences that I had. One was the worship night and, even though we spoke two different languages, it felt like the Holy Spirit was there and stirring in my heart.

Another was when we boys were walking back to the house; we spent the walk back praying for the town and for the light of Jesus to shine. On previous nights there would be wild dogs barking at us as we walked, but this night, as we prayed, it felt like they were backing off. It was almost like a physical display of what was happening in the spiritual realm.

Something else that I won’t ever forget was the enormous amount of hospitality that they showed. One family gave up their home and slept in one bed to let some of the group stay at their place. It blew me away to see what little they did have they willingly shared with joy.