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Our Profound Need for Peace

By Kevin Wiebe

Any one of us can take a quick look around us and realize that our world is full of conflict, darkness and pain. Beyond that, and perhaps as a result of that, I also believe that we all have a deep ache within our souls that longs for complete peace, for the blissful and eternal reign of God, who will remove all of our suffering and crying and pain. So what are some of the reasons there is such a need for peace in our world? Continue reading Our Profound Need for Peace

Peace Makers or Peace Fakers?

By Kevin Wiebe

Are we peace makers or peace fakers? There are times when, instead of doing the hard work of reconciliation and peacemaking, we sweep problems under the rug and equate a lack of outright confrontation with peace. When we fake peace, however, we may prolong the pain of the conflict, preventing the needed resolution because of our unwillingness to be brave and confront what is wrong. Continue reading Peace Makers or Peace Fakers?

When Christians Refuse to Die: Ode to a Life of Peace

by Garry Koop

Some Christians are willing to die rather than kill. Regrettably too many are not. When Christians refuse to die, wars break out and Christians participate, if they have not started them to begin with. When Christians refuse to die they will do essentially anything, say anything, or think up anything to stay alive. Violence, coercion, manipulation? You bet! When Christians refuse to die, they cease to live in or like Christ Jesus. Continue reading When Christians Refuse to Die: Ode to a Life of Peace

COVID-19, Contagion, and Christ

by Rebecca Roman

We soon approach the season of Advent. And what an Advent season it will be. In recent history, there may never have been a more poignant sense that we are in waiting. Waiting for life to return to normal. Waiting to be able to freely socialize with one another. Waiting to sing in worship services without the hindrance of masks. Waiting for an end to anxiety—that we may unknowingly spread disease to our friends, family or neighbours. Or, anxiety over getting ill ourselves or loss of income. All around the world, we are wondering: when will it be over? Continue reading COVID-19, Contagion, and Christ

My Dad, Cornelius B. Dueck, was a CO

by Mervin Dueck

It all started with a letter dated Nov. 27, 1940, calling my Dad, Cornelius B. Dueck, to report to a judge in Winnipeg, at 10 a.m., on Dec. 18, 1940, to establish his claim of being a Mennonite Conscientious Objector. In order to qualify he needed to explain his personal religious belief, a preacher to verify his church attendance, and evidence from family that they had come to Canada under the arrangement of 1873 and being an uninterrupted member of the Mennonite community.

Continue reading My Dad, Cornelius B. Dueck, was a CO

Kickball and Peacemaking

Discussion and Discernment

by Bruce Hamsher

I still remember today what recess felt like when I was in the third grade. That year the game was kickball.

More pointedly, I remember the awesome red ball we used. It was the kind of ball which was somewhat solid, yet spongy enough that when it hit that sweet spot on your foot, it seemed to soar in the air for a mile. I also vividly remember the classmate who never thought he was out. (You probably remember this guy too. Every class had one.) Continue reading Kickball and Peacemaking