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The nations are gathering at Abbeydale

By Ivy Plett

CALGARY, Alta.—Psalm 117:1 says, “Praise the Lord, all you nations; extol him, all you peoples.” It is indeed a blessing to be joined together in worship with people of other nations. The blessing becomes even more tangible when born-again believers who have been raised in other beliefs or countries intentionally choose to become a part one’s own church body. Continue reading The nations are gathering at Abbeydale

Sleeper Drive Held to Assist Young Parents

by Jenaya Groen

WINNIPEG, Man.—Do you like PJs? Well, babies do too!

Throughout November and December of 2021, a Sleeper Drive was held at Crestview Fellowship Church to support Youth for Christ (YFC) and Cheyenne Lewycky, the Young Parents Outreach Program Coordinator.

Pastor Darrel Guenther believed it was time to do a project again to get the church involved, as COVID restrictions have caused separation. What better way to unite the church than to work together to support a great cause? Continue reading Sleeper Drive Held to Assist Young Parents

‘You Feed Them’

by Ivy Plett

CALGARY, Alta.—Food, one of the necessities of life, is unfortunately not always available to everyone. However, it is often incorrectly assumed those in one’s local vicinity certainly have an adequately supplied pantry.

In Mark 6, the disciples assumed that the hungry crowd of scattered people could be dismissed to go home to prepare their own supper—or maybe pick up a burger at a drive-through on the way home? But Jesus said, “You feed them!” (Matthew 14:16 NLT). The command stands regardless of an absence of requests for food, perceived level of hunger or possibly the impracticality and inconvenience of delivering that blessing to others. Continue reading ‘You Feed Them’

Irene Kroeker: Let’s Be Careful What We Teach Children!

At age seven I went to school every day, hoping my teacher would tell us how to get to heaven. I was obsessed with my need of forgiveness. I got some help at age 13. When I was 14, my uncle explained John 1:12. That was my turning point.

I have struggled with salvation and its teachings to children for almost a lifetime. I don’t want others to go through this the hard way or be oblivious to it altogether.

In 1972 I taught Religion Class in a school where I was teaching south of Winkler, Man. I remember the day I agonized before God, asking Him, “How can I get to the level of my Grade 2 to 4 students in order for them to understand my faith?”

The next morning I opened my Bible Story Book for our daily reading. It was the story of Jesus blessing the children and saying unless we have the faith of a little child, we cannot enter the Kingdom of God. I was hit so hard I could hardly read.

That left a permanent mark on my heart. I revised the Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) content of what I was using in Religion Class. But I was still very oblivious to the “eternal security” position in it right till last year (2016) when I read Dr. Harvey Plett’s article on Children in the Church, which he sent me when I asked for help.

That is when my eyes were really opened. I agree that little children are in the Kingdom and should not be talked or scared into it. They are not lost, but safe in Jesus till the age of accountability, which differs from child to child.

I talked to a Grandma whose four-year-old grandson asked Jesus into his heart.  Because of my new understanding, I could rejoice with her and warn her of the need for many commitments and re-commitments ahead.

From Oct. 19 to Dec. 8, 2016, I taught little children, mostly ages four to six, in a new outreach area of our church. Again, I needed the truths of that article in my lesson prep and teaching. I had a CEF flannelgraph that I used carefully.

I checked up in my home church as to what material the Sunday School teachers are using with the young children. I found out they use the CEF flannelgraph, much to my delight. I think it is important, though, for teachers to be informed of our theology on children and salvation. If they are not, is this not cause for deep concern?

Irene Kroeker

A good teacher will repeat an important teaching and come at it from various angles and perspectives. I requested that Dr. Harvey Plett’s article on the spiritual status of children be reprinted. We need to hear it again.

Irene Kroeker (Rosenort EMC) has served as a missionary in Mexico and serves in various ways within her local church.

Note: Dr. Harvey Plett’s two-part series on the spiritual status of children appears in March and April.