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Book Review: Love in a Time of Hate

Hanna Schott, Love in a Time of Hate: The Story of Magda and Andre Trocme and the Village That Said No to the Nazis (Herald Press, 2017). ISBN 9781513801254 (paperback). $22.95. Reviewed by Myra Kroeker (EFC Steinbach), BA, wife and mother.

This book challenged and inspired in various ways, mainly from Matthew 25 where Jesus says, “I was hungry and you fed me. I was in prison, and you came to me.” Continue reading Book Review: Love in a Time of Hate

MWC’s Mission Commission Calls for Urgency in Mission

by Stanley W. Green and Rafael Zaracho,
MWC Mission Commission chair and secretary

Book with 10 key convictions to be shared in English, Spanish and French

In recent years, Anabaptists have been identified by such distinctives as peacemaking, voluntary choice, simple living, community and discipleship. We believe, however, that a key defining characteristic of the early Anabaptist movement was its fervent embrace of mission.

Even while we continue to emphasize discipleship, we have muted the passionate, even sacrificial, commitment to evangelism that distinguished the early Anabaptists. For the past half-century, particularly in the north, there has been a troubling relinquishment of the missionary calling of the Church.

In this context, the Mission Commission of MWC had a vision for a book: God’s People in Mission: An Anabaptist Perspective.

The core of theological and missiological convictions, informally shared among the members of the Mission Commission, first led to an interest in developing a catalogue of those convictions that undergird and influence our foundations and approaches in mission.

On March 24, 2014, after several years of yearning for a comprehensive statement of shared mission convictions, the MC adopted “Mission Theology Statements” at Dopersduin, Schoorl, Holland. This is a compilation of 10 missional convictions that articulate what we believe together about mission in the global Anabaptist community.

We believe that further exploration of these convictions in a book-length form can help us think soberly about our essential identity as the missionary people of God. This is an urgent need.

We hope that the reflections in each chapter will stimulate needed conversations and help us to align ourselves with God’s purposes for the reconciliation of all humanity and the restoration of the created order. In addition, we yearn that through these exchanges we will be revitalized by God’s Spirit for the mission that brought Jesus to our world.

The desire of the MC is that God’s People in Mission: An Anabaptist Perspective might bring together diverse voices and experiences from within the varied contexts of our MWC global family. A number of the manuscripts were written in the different languages spoken by members of MWC. In the interest of ensuring wide accessibility, we hope eventually to have the text available in the three official languages of the MWC (English, Spanish and French).

A further goal is to make the book available in several other languages spoken by members of the MWC. We are working hard to finish this book before our next meeting in Kenya 2018.

Though the primary audience for the book is the MWC global family, we believe the book’s basic biblical-theological foundations and its contextual reflections can serve a wider audience.

We hope it can serve diverse groups as a resource for study and reference for workshops, training, Sunday School classes and seminaries by creating and promoting spaces for dialogue, reflection, and commitments.

We believe that every part of the MWC communion needs to recover the understanding that the church by its very nature is missionary. We understand from the Bible that God’s purposes find their essence and meaning in the mission of Jesus, and the work Holy Spirit is to advance this mission through the Church.

Since God’s yearning is that all people experience salvation, the Church is called to be in mission on every continent until Jesus returns. Our prayer is that every member church in the MWC will be transformed for the missionary purposes of God.



Titles Self-Published by EMCers in 2017 or Earlier


In Praise of Altruism: Living For Others Because Selfishness is the Pits, Arden Thiessen (2017). A critique of human selfishness, it focuses on the love, generosity, and practical kindness central to the teachings of Jesus and his apostles. 213 pp. ISBN 9780978052522. $10 (paperback).



The Stranger: A Story of Romance and Intrigue, Eleanor Lee Gustaw (2017). Romance and intrigue follow detectives Thea and Gene Ashton where they discover God’s amazing plan for their lives and redefine their calling. 396 pp. ISBN 9781512776874.  $27.95 (paperback).


Food-coverFood For Fun and Fellowship: Favourite Recipes of the Canadian Evangelical Mennonite Conference, Melanie Frayle (2006). Nearly every EMC church is represented in these favourites to be used to express Jesus’ love by serving family and entertaining at home.  291 pp. $16 (coil paperback).




The Gentleman, Jacob Enns (2012). On a hunting trip Jeff Nolan, a widower and a pacifist, is confronted by a serial killer. How does he respond? ISBN 9781460202418. 210 pp. $14 (paperback).




Twenty Big Questions: Toward a Biblical Worldview for Restless Truth-Seekers, Arden Thiessen (2016). A gentle defense of core biblical beliefs, showing their unity is the best witness to their truthfulness and validity. 221 pp. $10 (paperback).


Titles are available from the national office or the authors. Prices do not include postage costs.