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Blumenort EMC: Baptisms, Eagle Lake Bible Camp

by Janice Harder

BLUMENORT, Man.—On Sunday, Nov. 25, 2018, Thea Reimer, Karalee Reimer, and Tyler Reimer committed their lives to the Lord by way of baptism. Pastor Anthony Reimer administered the baptism. Amy Lange, who was baptized at Eagle Lake Bible Camp earlier this summer, also became a covenant member. Prayers for these young people would be appreciated as they continue on the path of Christian life. Continue reading Blumenort EMC: Baptisms, Eagle Lake Bible Camp

TRU 2018 – Time in Community was a Highlight for me

by Caitlin Dyck

CAMP CEDARWOOD, Man.—I’ve had multiple opportunities to attend retreats in the past; they’ve always been something to look forward to. Retreats have always given me chances to unplug, relax, and focus on my relationship with Jesus that don’t always occur otherwise. I’m happy to report that I, as well as many others that I spoke with, were able to do the same during TRU 2018.

TRU is the biennial youth leaders’ retreat for our conference, and this year included groups from as far away as Alberta and B.C. I personally had not been involved in youth ministry since 2010/2011 and had never attended TRU before. Together we met at Camp Cedarwood to share meals, times of worship and knowledge with one another in the form of Saturday morning workshops, as well as informal times spent in conversation.

Lloyd and Carol Letkeman (MB Mission), whom many might know from their work with SOAR Heartland, a youth missions program in Winnipeg, were kind enough to spend the weekend with us, sharing on the theme Are You Thirsty? Both Carol and Lloyd taught during our daily sessions, inviting us to revisit passages in John when Jesus spoke about living water.

In John 7:37-38, Jesus invited people: “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’” Carol challenged us on Friday night, asking, “What do we need to lay down, in order to receive, so that we may then give to others?” It was a question for the weekend ahead, but also for the coming year of youth.

On Saturday morning we had the opportunity to learn from local leaders and speakers in our conference on topics such as Surviving Life with Annoying People and Blind Spots in Ministry, to name a few. I chose to attend the workshop on Non-Suicidal Self-Injury as well as Experiencing God. In our work with youth, there are occasions when we need to support students through mental health issues that could result in them self-injuring. Heidi Dirks was able to walk us through some of the underlying issues and give us advice on how to best support our youth in those difficult times.

Through my conversations with my own church team as well as others, I found that many of us had similar goals for the weekend. We had all looked forward to the time to bond with one another; on youth nights we are often so busy leading and talking to the youth that we don’t have much time to get to know one another. The time to rest, relax, talk, and play games with others was very valued.

The time was also useful for sharing between other groups, to find the similarities and differences of how they run their youth nights, and even to compare how different our demographics are depending on location. That time spent in community was certainly a highlight for me, as well as the opportunity to refocus our goals for the youth this coming year.

Caitlin Dyck is a volunteer youth leader at Steinbach EMC.

NFC: Kids Club Has Grown This Past Year

by Janice Imrie

CREIGHTON, Sask.—We are so thankful for Pastor Randall and Faith Krahn. The combination of insightful sermons and musical gifts that they share with us is very much appreciated by all.

Lorne and Margaret Moorhead continue to be pillars in our church. Margaret has been dealing with some health issues and we ask that you keep both Lorne and Margaret in your prayers. Marg Cone, another pillar, has also needed periods of rest and we are so thankful for her.

We continue to share our pastoral couple with the Cornerstone Community Church (MB) in Flin Flon and there have been Sundays when we combine services. Joe Buie at Cornerstone has been helpful in helping us plan our Sundays.

On May long weekend we met at Simonhouse Bible Camp for Sunday service. Former pastoral couple Dale and Marge Warkentin shared with us on May 28. It was good to have them in our midst once again.

On June 11 we had a combined service at the Rotary Wheel where we sat around the fire and roasted hotdogs. On July 2, the Sunday during the Homecoming in Flin Flon, all churches in our area had a combined service at the Lutheran Church. On July 9 Trevor Friesen came to NFC while Rebekah rested at the lake with sister Sara Lynne and Dave Koop. They have moved back to Canada and are now settled in Rosenort. We pray for the restoration of Rebekah’s health and for their re-adjustment in Canada.

On July 23 we had a combined service when the Simonhouse Bible Camp staff came to share their experiences; and in August we will meet together when Nathan and Emily Willems come to share with us before they go with their family to Papua New Guinea within the following year.

Our Kids Club has grown this past year. Children come after school on Tuesdays, and we have had 35 on our roster with an average attendance of 21. The hour keeps us hopping with hot chocolate, snacks, crafts, story, game and music. Judy Schmidt has graciously come from Cornerstone to help with snacks. We have appreciated Austyn Davis, a young student, who has come to give a hand. As well, Randall, Faith, Janice, Kristen, Fae, and Yvonne come out to help with clean up, dishes, and helping here and there.

Snow removal, grass cutting, and cup washing somehow gets done by those who almost do these jobs in secret! I do believe that the “behind the scenes” workers are Randall, Lee, Yvonne, Shawn, Barb, Lorne and Jerry. Tom Fehr brings his mother Helen, and we are so glad she moved here from Carrot River.

We appreciate Mike and Deanna Anderson for their presence whenever their work shifts permit them to come. Evelyn (four years old) and Ollie (one year old) continue to enlighten our Sundays and they also enjoy puppets Froggie (Kevin) and Susie (Kristen).

Kristen Imrie often leads the singing, accompanied by Faith at the piano, and Kevin Imrie usually treats us to violin at the closing congregational song.

In closing, I also want to extend a huge thank you to our EM Conference for their continued support. We miss Ward Parkinson who was always so supportive of us up north and say thanks to Ralph Unger, our interim conference pastor. We look forward to meeting with Layton Friesen, who has been appointed conference pastor and began his position this fall.