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Running With the Bears in Churchill

By Albert Martens


The 10th anniversary Polar Bear Marathon took place in Churchill, Man., on November 20, 2021.

I feel very fortunate to have been able to organize a great marathon in the subarctic again. During the many months of planning, we hoped it would not be cancelled at last minute due to COVID-19. Fourteen runners plus crew people were able to travel to Churchill for the run. Continue reading Running With the Bears in Churchill

Come Along on a Typical Sunday – Paraguay

by Chris Kroeker

What does a typical Sunday look like for us? On the mission field, we don’t deal with a lot of typical or sameness in ministry; flexibility and change can be expected.

Let us take you along on a Sunday like this last one. On this particular day, we had arranged to counsel a church couple at our Minga Guazú church for 9 a.m. We leave home a bit too late, around 8 a.m., having our máte and prayer time on the road. Fifteen minutes later, we pick up Mirta, a 10-year-old who wants to go along to visit her grandma in Minga Guazú for the day. Continue reading Come Along on a Typical Sunday – Paraguay

A Cross-Cultural Christmas

Editor’s Note: One year ago we asked missionaries what Christmas looks like in their country of service—here are a few of their answers.

Jeremy and Adrienne Penner, EMC Workers with Multiply in Thailand

It’s the busiest ministry time of the year! Myanmar migrant workers rarely have time off—so when it comes there’s a big outreach focus. No one here knows anything about why Christmas is a thing, but everyone likes a party! Each church holds Christmas party outreach events all over their area, sharing about Jesus coming to save us, singing songs, performing dramas, and eating delicious Burmese food and Christmas cookies. In 2020, we and our team planned 19 outreaches! Between baking, preparing, and running events it’s a busy month; and afterwards, there isn’t time to sit around because January is when follow-up starts! Continue reading A Cross-Cultural Christmas

God’s Call to Mission When Ministry Shifts

Discerning God’s Call to Missions

By Chris Kroeker

Editor’s Note: This article is the fourth of a six-part series on God’s call and discernment. The first three articles were published in the January, March and May 2021 issues. The first article by Nancy Friesen (January 2021) was not labelled as part of the series.

PARAGUAY – As a missionary kid (MK) growing up in the jungles of East Paraguay, life was filled with danger and excitement. In 1965, Dad and others started to dream of using radio to bring the gospel to the indigenous people of Paraguay. The Lord heard their prayers and, ten years later, Radio ZP-30 began. Continue reading God’s Call to Mission When Ministry Shifts