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Sleeper Drive Held to Assist Young Parents

by Jenaya Groen

WINNIPEG, Man.—Do you like PJs? Well, babies do too!

Throughout November and December of 2021, a Sleeper Drive was held at Crestview Fellowship Church to support Youth for Christ (YFC) and Cheyenne Lewycky, the Young Parents Outreach Program Coordinator.

Pastor Darrel Guenther believed it was time to do a project again to get the church involved, as COVID restrictions have caused separation. What better way to unite the church than to work together to support a great cause? Continue reading Sleeper Drive Held to Assist Young Parents

Free Sale Allows Community Connections

by Jenaya Groen

WINNIPEG, Man.—Bang! Crestview Fellowship Church began September 2021 with many events!

To start, Crestview Fellowship hosted their annual Free Sale on September 11. Fortunately, restrictions allowed for this event to take place again, after having to take a break from it last year. The Free Sale ran from 8 a.m. to noon in the church parking lot. Continue reading Free Sale Allows Community Connections

Finding Gratituge in the Midst of Turmoil

by Pastor Darrel Guenther

WINNIPEG, Man.—Things I miss:

What I really miss is my favorite ice cream place that is shut down for the winter.

I miss that people are not as connected as they used to be. People are more cautious, more timid, less care-free and interact less with each other. Continue reading Finding Gratituge in the Midst of Turmoil

Crestview Offers Sanctuary, Assists Union Gospel Mission

By Alex Wiebe, board chair, and Jenaya Groen, reporter 

WINNIPEG, Man.—We are called to obey the government (Rom 13:1), love foreigners as ourselves (Lev 19:34), and protect orphans and widows (James 1:27). When the government says a destitute, divorced woman and her children must return to a country where she believes her children will be harmed by a group that practices witchcraft, what do we do?

Continue reading Crestview Offers Sanctuary, Assists Union Gospel Mission

Crestview: Joint Good Friday Service Held, Baptism Celebrated, Lent Explored

By Jenaya Groen

WINNIPEG, Man.—“From every nation, tribe, people, and language” (Rev. 7:9). This verse perfectly suits the coming together of neighbouring churches on April 19, 2019, for a lively Good Friday service, which was hosted by us this year. For many years now it has been the Crestview Park Free Methodist Church and our pleasure to enjoy an annual event, where we reflect and praise our Saviour on this prominent Friday.

Continue reading Crestview: Joint Good Friday Service Held, Baptism Celebrated, Lent Explored

Crestview Fellowship: Outreach Events Held, Challenge Made

by Jenaya Groen

WINNIPEG, Man.— At the beginning of the month of February 2019, Crestview Fellowship Church experienced two prominent events. One of them brought the community, congregation, and youth group together to enjoy an evening full of fellowship on Feb.1, 2019. The event was held on a Friday night, starting at 6:30 p.m., where we were able to enjoy a tasty taco dinner before we settled in for a movie in the sanctuary.

I Can Only Imagine was the movie being viewed that evening, and it definitely brought some interest in from the community. Crestview Fellowship loves these events for reasons of outreach and, fortunately, God’s hand was at work again with another successful opportunity. Without the thought and time put in from the volunteers, these types of events would not be possible. The church is very thankful for the working hands and willing hearts within it; they truly go the extra mile.

The second event was on Feb. 3, 2019, where we celebrated with the Triskle family, as they committed their second baby to raising them in the love of Christ. The church is eager to watch baby Allistair Triskle grow in his faith, as we will be supporting him, whether that is through prayer or helping out with Sunday School. The future of Crestview Fellowship Church is continuing to strengthen as we watch our family grow and use their gifts to benefit our Lord’s kingdom.

CFC enjoyed many Christmas blessing and outreach events during December 2018. Three of the many highlights this Christmas included Christmas hampers, the L.O.F.T. Christmas party, and the second annual Christmas Eve service and potluck.

This year Crestview blessed nine families with a Christmas hamper. The church was very generous and the hamper assembly and deliveries were able to run smoothly.

The L.O.F.T. stands for Living Our Faith Together, where youth from the church and around the community meet on Friday nights, from 7 to 9:30 p.m., and study God’s Word and enjoy playing exciting games. The L.O.F.T. Christmas party consisted of delicious homemade pizza, surprising youth leader trivia, extreme white elephant gift exchange, tasty sugar cookie decorating, and a game of capture the flag in the dark. The youth that attend are grateful for an awesome and welcoming Friday night every week.

Pastor Darrel Guenther said in a Christmas Eve sermon that believing in Jesus as the Messiah without any evidence is similar to finding, while blindfolded, a certain coloured penny among hundreds of other pennies. Then he went into O. T. prophecies that reveal why we can trust in Jesus. Credit: Crestview

The Christmas Eve service and potluck was another year of outreach success with many smiles of members and visitors enjoying each other’s company and sharing in joy of our Saviour’s birth. The message was called, “Is He the One?” Our eyes were opened to seven of the many prophecies of the coming of the Messiah, in the Old Testament, being fulfilled many years later. We can all trust in God’s Word and celebrate His faithfulness this year. Pastor Darrel Guenther challenged everyone, “He is the One. Is He your Saviour?”

On Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018, Crestview officially welcomed Adam Schmidt has our youth pastor. Adam Schmidt grew up in the Crestview Fellowship community, and many in the congregation have watched him grow and express his faith in Jesus Christ. Adam has a servant heart that is always eager to help and encourage. He went to Steinbach Bible College where he learned a lot about himself and God through four years.

Connecting with youth, both inside and outside the church, is something that is so important to Adam and his efforts in these relationships are evidently huge and so cool. Adam connects through his own experiences, whether it’s on the court or reality. It’ll be exciting to see how God uses Adam as he serves as youth pastor in the Crestview Fellowship community.

On Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018, Crestview enjoyed reaching out to the community with a free sale and free breakfast from 8 to 11 a.m. The church had been collecting items for the free sale since early spring; therefore, we had endless things to share with the community. From boots to books, from couches to pouches, we had it all. The breakfast was served: orange juice, hot coffee, fluffy pancakes drizzled with maple syrup, and savoury sausage, all cooked right in front of the community. This outreaching event touched the hearts of many, both the ones serving and receiving.

Crestview: God is so Good!

by Sharron Straub

WINNIPEG, Man.—On Sunday, Sept. 17, Flo Friesen shared how the Kleefeld EM Church had a vision for church planting and then proceeded to work diligently to bring this vision to reality.

This year marks Crestview Fellowship’s 50th anniversary. We were privileged to have several former lead pastors, youth pastors, and youth leaders join us for the morning service and all had special memories to share. Many former members were also in attendance, and there was much reminiscing and laughter.

Invitations were distributed to the neighbouring community to come for a barbecue upper and enjoy some live music. There was also a huge bouncer for the children. It was a great turnout and lots of fun. We pray that the seeds that were planted will grow.  God has been faithful and we know He will continue to be faithful.

Crestview: Pastor Emerges as Chili Champion!

by Sharron Straub

WINNIPEG, Man.—The fourth annual Chili Cook-off took place on Friday, March 3. Nine tasty pots of chili were entered and our 2017 Chili Champion is Pastor Darrel Guenther. Congratulations! After dessert, coffee, and cleanup, we watched the movie “War Room.” Excellent film!

This was a great opportunity for outreach and there was much positive feedback about the movie. Several people commented that they would purchase the movie so that they could share it with others.

KingSeveral men from our congregation took the opportunity to attend Promise Keepers Quest Conference on March 10 to 11. Some comments about this event were:

  • The Worship Team was awesome
  • A great reminder of God’s love for us
  • A challenge to men who are in a position of power and authority
  • Many age groups were represented and each group has something to contribute

Sounds like it was an amazing weekend.

Pastor Darrell Guenther is our Chili Champion.


Crestview Will Celebrate Its 50th Anniversary!

by Sharron Straub

WINNIPEG, Man.—Annual elections took place on Nov. 29, 2016. A big thank you to those who have served on various committees this past year as well as to those who have committed to serving for this coming year. Whether usher, maintenance, board member, music, library, auditor or EMC delegate (and these are only a few of the areas that have opportunities for service), each one is important to help things run smoothly.

We at Crestview must say farewell for now to a long-time member of Crestview. Helen Wiebe went to be with the Lord on Saturday, Dec. 3, 2016. Her husband Isaac predeceased her in January 2015.

Dec. 11 was a day of celebration as Jasmin Reimer gave her testimony and was baptized upon confession of her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. A blessed day, indeed!

Looking ahead to 2017, Crestview Fellowship will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. Although no firm plans have been made as yet to mark this milestone, it would be wonderful to see past members and attendees come by for a visit and to share some memories.


Crestview: Ribbon-Cutting, VBS Held

By Sharron Straub

Winnipeg, Man.—There’s been a lot happening around here this summer.

Melvin and Kari Peters, who serve with Mission Aviation Fellowship in Africa, were with us on July 10 to report on the work they are doing in starting up and developing the new sub-base in Marsabit; they bring the love of Christ to those living in isolation in northern Kenya.

Darrell Thiessen from Jesus People USA joined us on July 17 to share about his work in the Uptown neighbourhood on the north side of Chicago, Illinois.

A huge praise item: a long-term project has finally been completed. Our church building has been equipped with an elevator so now those who have been finding the stairs a bit difficult will be able to get to the basement easily and with dignity. Hallalujah! A ribbon-cutting and dedication was held on Sunday, July 24. Thanks to the men who devoted a lot of time to seeing this project through to completion.

Kingdom Rock: Where Kids Stand Strong For God was the theme for VBS week August 7—11. It was an amazing five days with about 20 children attending. Each evening started with a barbecue supper that was a great way to connect with both the parents and the children. The children learned that prayer, family and friends, God’s love, the Bible and trusting God help us to stand strong.

Youth Pastor Kevin and Lee Pauls welcomed a daughter, Lucy Devona, on Aug. 24, a sister for Desmond. Congratulations!

A potluck breakfast was held on Sunday, Sept. 11, to start the fall season. Sunday School resumes on Sept. 18.