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A Biblical Theology of Human Sexuality

by Gord Penner

Historically we have often struggled to respond to the changing culture around us and fled rather than engaging it with biblical principles. I believe our world is currently suffering from two pandemics: COVID-19 and polarization.

Rather than add to the latter, we need to find ways to heed the great commands: Love God and love neighbour. Continue reading A Biblical Theology of Human Sexuality

Being Christian in a Secular Society: Moving beyond culture wars and toward love

by Gordon T. Smith

When you take the CTrain from downtown Calgary to Ambrose University, the last building you see before the train heads to its underground stop is a mosque. When I was an undergraduate student in the 1970s, I knew there was a mosque somewhere in Canada, but I had no idea where. Now, many of us have a mosque in our neighbourhood. Continue reading Being Christian in a Secular Society: Moving beyond culture wars and toward love

A Time to Laugh and a Time to Speak: Ecclesiastes 3:1–8

by Andrew Unger

In this most famous passage of Ecclesiastes, Solomon (or was it The Byrds?) tells us “there is a time for everything.” There is a time, he says, to weep, to search, to scatter stones, to dance even (although not in our churches, apparently), and even a time to laugh.

Sometimes I wonder, though, if we have abandoned the laughter as eagerly as we seem to have left out the dancing. Continue reading A Time to Laugh and a Time to Speak: Ecclesiastes 3:1–8

When Christians Refuse to Die: Ode to a Life of Peace

by Garry Koop

Some Christians are willing to die rather than kill. Regrettably too many are not. When Christians refuse to die, wars break out and Christians participate, if they have not started them to begin with. When Christians refuse to die they will do essentially anything, say anything, or think up anything to stay alive. Violence, coercion, manipulation? You bet! When Christians refuse to die, they cease to live in or like Christ Jesus. Continue reading When Christians Refuse to Die: Ode to a Life of Peace

Examining My Privilege

by Heidi Dirks

Many adults will remember what they were most excited to do when they reached the age of majority. Whether voting, signing legal documents, or buying alcohol or spray paint, age matters. Age can open up opportunities or impose restrictions. These opportunities are not given based on merit, rather they are bestowed solely based on legal age. Continue reading Examining My Privilege

A Christian Does Christian Things

by Layton Friesen

An old bit of Christian wisdom that is being sorely tested in this pandemic says, you become what you make a habit of. If you want to become a compassionate person, for example, get into the habit of doing compassionate things, and as that habit takes deeper and deeper hold of you, you will become a compassionate person. To become a compassionate person, body, soul and spirit, you need to develop a long pattern of compassionate actions. Continue reading A Christian Does Christian Things

Examine the Day

By Professor Andrew Dyck

As a boy, I picked raspberries for several summers. Whenever I had filled a flat with fruit, the farmer would weigh it on a balance scale to discern two truths: the truth of how much I had picked and the truth that I had not hidden rocks or dirt clods under the berries. The pointer or tongue of the scale pointed out the truth of my berries’ mass. In Latin, the tongue on a scale is its examen. Continue reading Examine the Day

Kickball and Peacemaking

Discussion and Discernment

by Bruce Hamsher

I still remember today what recess felt like when I was in the third grade. That year the game was kickball.

More pointedly, I remember the awesome red ball we used. It was the kind of ball which was somewhat solid, yet spongy enough that when it hit that sweet spot on your foot, it seemed to soar in the air for a mile. I also vividly remember the classmate who never thought he was out. (You probably remember this guy too. Every class had one.) Continue reading Kickball and Peacemaking