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I’m a scholar of the ‘prosperity gospel.’ It took cancer to show me I was in its grip.

What happens when faith and hard work
aren’t enough?

By Kate Bowler

There’s a branch of Christianity that promises a direct path to the good life. It is called by many names, but most often it is nicknamed the “prosperity gospel” for its bold central claim that God will give you your heart’s desires: money in the bank, a healthy body, a thriving family, and boundless happiness.

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Lent and Becoming Like Jesus

Moving toward the reality of my sin and the truth of God’s gracious regard for me

By Layton Friesen

Will I ever be like Jesus in this life? Will I ever really have Christ’s insight and wisdom? Could I ever be that free of the love of money or the need for human approval? Could I ever gladly die for someone who hated me and wanted to kill me? Could I be that surrendered to the Father’s will? That’s a big question, isn’t it?

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Waves in the Desert

How can we help Afghan refugees?

By Arley Loewen

First wave of refugees: 1980s

  • from the Soviet Invasion

The Soviet invasion caused the first wave of Afghan refugees as millions flooded into Pakistan, Iran and India.

At the same time, Afghans began to resist the Soviets and Kabul government, which birthed the Afghan mujahideen (holy warriors). The U.S. saw an opportunity to oppose the Soviets by supporting the Afghan warriors. Islamic enthusiasts from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and elsewhere, joined with the mujahideen in “short-term mission” service—an ideal chance for young radicals to practice jihad. Osama bin Laden was one such warrior, and he started the al-Qaeda Islamic party. Continue reading Waves in the Desert

KLC and Bow Island Mark Official Openings as EMC Churches

By Gerald Reimer

Editor’s Note: Some full names of Kingdom Life Church participants are not disclosed due to security concerns.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

On October 17, 2021, Kingdom Life Church (KLC) members met together at St. Vital EMC in Winnipeg, Man., with whom they have established a formal partnership. This service marked the official opening of KLC as part of the EMC, under the leadership of I and P, workers supported by the EMC Church Planting Task Force. Continue reading KLC and Bow Island Mark Official Openings as EMC Churches

Giving Tuesday: Canadian Church Planting

By Gerald Reimer

Thank you for supporting church planting in Canada! EMC’s Giving Tuesday initiative allowed us to replenish our Seed and Growth Funds by nearly $10,000. We trust you enjoyed hearing from several church planters in the videos shared on EMC social media platforms.

The Church Planting Task Force has been given a mandate by EMC delegates to plant churches across Canada, recognizing this takes substantial funding. And as you may have seen on the Giving Tuesday social media posts, our church planters are eternally grateful for the support they receive from the wider conference so they can evangelize, disciple, and establish new churches. Continue reading Giving Tuesday: Canadian Church Planting