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Poetry: Storms

by Betty Siemens Martens, Kleefeld, Man.

Snowflakes, soft, white, fluffy snowflakes
Falling gently, no sound they make.
A beautiful, feathery sight.
‘Tis the picture of pure delight.

Soon comes along a playful breeze,
Those fluffy snowflakes to chase and tease.
They dance, they twirl, they spin around
Then come to rest upon the ground.

Not for long; the wind increases
All its fury it releases.
Whipping the snow across the field
And all around, its power to wield.

Then, in the night the wind retires,
While in the house they stoke the fires.
The stars come out. How they shimmer!
‘Til morning light makes them dimmer.

The sun comes out in full glory,
The trees they glisten white and hoary.
Drifts of snow like diamonds galore!
Awesome sight! And calm reigns once more.

So is the storm within the soul
Who will not let God take control.
But perfect peace comes in to stay
When the Christ the Saviour leads the way.



Gratitude at Christmas

by L. Marie Enns, La Crete, Alta.

We praise You, Heavenly Father,
As Christmas comes again
For Your great love and mercy
For this world of sinful men,
That You gave Your only begotten Son
To pay for all our sin
So we could have eternal life
If we put our faith in Him.
What agony You must have felt
As He suffered, bled and died!
But what joy when He arose to life
And was seated at Your side.

We thank You, Jesus, Saviour,
For Your unfailing love
That brought You to our sinful world
From Your splendid home above
To die in disgrace in all sinners’ place
To reconcile us to God,
Secure our forgiveness and saving grace
With the shedding of Your blood.
What anguish and pain You suffered that day
All because You loved us so!
But with joy You arose, conquered Your foes
That salvation we can know.

This Christmas, Lord, may many souls
Repent and believe in You,
And Your gracious gift of eternal life
Receive with gratitude.

Jesus Did It All For Me

by Elmer Hamm

Jesus did it all for me
When He walked on Calvary’s road
When they denied Him as Lord
When they mocked Him and beat Him
And said He is to blame
He must surely be crucified

Jesus did it all for me
When He walked on Calvary’s road
When they crucified Him that day
He shed His blood there
To save me from my sins
And set me free forever

Jesus did it all for me
When He walked on Calvary’s road
And arose from the dead that day
He claimed me for His own
And gave me life anew
And now I can walk with Him

Jesus did it all for me
When He walked on Calvary’s road
And gives me victory
He leads me, and guides me
And walks right beside me
Yes, Jesus did it all for me
Yes, Jesus did it all for me
Elmer Hamm attends MacGregor EMC.


Poetry: A Carpenter’s Son

by Eleanor Lee Gustaw

The wonder of Christmas came one eve,

the glory of love in a virgin conceived.

The gift of His coming, the blessing so true,

that came in a manger for me and for you.

The joy that He brings each day to my soul,

hold riches untold that makes my life whole.

A carpenter’s Son, and yet, He is God,

how can I not thank Him, in joy offer laud!

For He is the Saviour so precious to me,

Who taught in the temple and preached on the sea.

Who died on a cross and in victory rose,

a love so adorning it sets each heart free!

That night was the greatest when Christmas was born,

and God became man yet in man He was God.

For the glory He is shall ever live on

because Jesus is Lord and in Him lives this song.