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Can We Trust Scientists?

Science is fascinating but how thorough is the process of testing and how trustworthy are the results? What do we do with dissenting voices and scientific claims that don’t agree?

These are some of the questions Layton Friesen asks of Dr. Henry Janzen, researcher in the field of soil science at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada | AAFC · Lethbridge Research and Development Centre. Dr. Janzen talks about the process his own research goes through before publishing, the role that skeptics have, and how scientists need the rest of the society when value judgements are required. He also talks about the parallels between his search for truth in science and in faith. Continue reading Can We Trust Scientists?

Can We Trust the News?

Bias in news media is not new. “When popular newspapers began to be published… most of them were pretty clearly slanted and were there to promote a particular political view.”

Layton Friesen interviews John G. Stackhouse, Christian scholar and journalist, about the news – its trustworthiness in the face of bias, Stackhouse’s personal habits and sources as he reads the news, and how Christians can both influence the way news is reported and be a witness in the midst of a cynical and skeptical culture.

Resources mentioned in the interview are linked after the transcript. Continue reading Can We Trust the News?

If I Died Today

by Layton  Friesen

I recently had my 50th birthday. Before I got out of bed that morning, I thought of something.

I imagined to myself that before I ever existed, God had a conversation with my non-existent self and said, “Mr. Nobody, I have an offer for you—take it or leave it. On the one hand, I could leave you in non-existence eternally. Forever you would go on being nothing. I know, Mr. Nobody, eternal non-existence is not a lot. But with this choice you have zero chance of any misery. There will be no possibility of anxiety, hemorrhoids, necrotizing fasciitis, or slowly suffocating from COVID-19. You will never love and thus never have to lose love. Your non-existence will be perfectly pain-free. Continue reading If I Died Today

Growing in Wisdom

by Karla Hein

“The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple.” (Psalm 19:7b NASB). For months, these words have swirled around in my heart. Comforting assurance that even I can progress from simplicity to wisdom!

I’ve been disappointed recently by popular scholars and preachers who have not accurately handled “the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15). If those esteemed as experts lead astray, then what is a little sheep like me to do in a world of savage wolves, seeking to destroy Christ’s testimony? Then the words echo back in my heart. Even a simple sheep like me can gain wisdom! “For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.” (Proverbs 2:6). Continue reading Growing in Wisdom

Refractions (A Frosty Blessing)

By Brigitte (Bouvier) Toews

January is a time of reflection for me. The winter is long and cold here on the prairies, and life can get monotonous while waiting for spring to arrive. But even in the tedium, I can appreciate moments when beauty shines through. Like glimmering diamonds in the trees, the hoarfrost—too beautiful for my camera to capture fully—becomes a frozen picture in my mind. Continue reading Refractions (A Frosty Blessing)