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Barbeque Celebration for Missionaries

by Tim Dyck

Blumenort, Man. We took affordable air travel for granted. Each year for decades, the number of passengers traveling by air has increased significantly. Many of us in Canada have benefited from this affordable and available travel for work or vacation. But the applecart has been upset by the arrival of the coronavirus. Continue reading Barbeque Celebration for Missionaries

Flight, Fight, or Freeze

by Erica Fehr

I knew about the book The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King long before it ended up in my house through no initiative on my part, and when it did show up, it sat there on the coffee table even longer before I had the courage to read it. I dreaded finding out about the things I and my people-group had done to cause harm. I was sure I would be defensive. I was sure it would be an angry book. But I also knew it was the right thing for me to do because some of the people I love most are First Nations. It turns out the book was much gentler than I had feared, I was able to submit my guilt to Jesus, and what I learned was very valuable. Continue reading Flight, Fight, or Freeze

Kings and The King

by A Missionary

West Asia-Kings are not loved by the Mountain people. Until the early 1970s, they lived under a monarchy. The kings were not kind. They taxed the people heavily and forced them into labour building roads, canals, and terraced fields. In one village, an elder reported to me that each year he had to pay the king seven or eight goats, bushels of wheat and potatoes, and large quantities of butter. Whatever the people produced, that was taken, so that they were only left with what they could hide in secret holes and caves in the mountains. When the monarchy was dissolved and the area was folded into the rest of the country, the people rejoiced. “All of that is finished now,” he told me. “Now things are easier, praise God!” Continue reading Kings and The King

The Limits of Bible Background

by Layton Friesen

A Bible study leader will often say “in order to understand this verse I need to tell you about the background to this passage.” The leader then describes pagan religion in Ephesus, or farming practices in Palestine, or shame and honour in the Roman empire, and everyone comes to a better understanding of the passage. This is important. If I am reading the apostle John as if he were some white guy sitting in a cubicle in Saskatoon, I am going to seriously misunderstand his gospel. Continue reading The Limits of Bible Background

The Sneaky Snare of Shame

By Kevin Aron Wiebe

It is dangerous to discover who you are. Despite all the modern cultural notions we hear about people going on a quest to, “find themselves,” seeing the reflection of one’s identity is a difficult and dangerous prospect that’s fraught with pain. Ask any parent who has a tiny version of themselves walking around saying the same sassy things as Mom and Dad, revealing and amplifying the very traits their parents are ashamed of. Yet discovering a clear and sober minded picture of who we are—and who we ought to be—is important for Christians who wish to grow in faith. Continue reading The Sneaky Snare of Shame

Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and the Ends of the World

Are you interested in cross cultural missions? EMC Missions is currently recruiting for the following fields:

Minga Guazú, Paraguay

Many of the national Paraguayans in the neighbourhoods of Minga Guazú are unreached by the Gospel and do not have an active church. Often the communities have a few believers who are open to and desire a Bible study in their homes. This has proven to be an effective way to reach the community. Continue reading Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and the Ends of the World

Obituary: Peter J. Thiessen


Peter J. Thiessen

Peter J. Thiessen passed into the presence of his heavenly Father on Dec. 8, 2018, at the Portage General Hospital at the age of 87.

He leaves to mourn his passing his loving wife of 66 years, Susie; his children, Mary Ann (Terry) Smith, Beverly (Leonard) Funk, daughter-in-law Debbie Thiessen, Jerry (Sherry) Thiessen, Randy Thiessen, Karen (Ken) Nicholls, and Laura McLeod; as well as grandchildren and great-grandchildren, Cory (Dana) Thiessen, Ella, Owen and Hazel; Marcie (Jeff) Rudyk, Riley and Joshua; Kristen Funk, Tarryn and Noah; Tracy (Kyle), Sierra, Avery, and Michael; Jon, Derek; Alex (Colleen), Ashley (Curtis), Riley, Lucas, and Lexi; Kass (Michael); Kenneth, Huxley; Tessa; Laurie, Bailey, Brooklyn; as well as many extended family and friends. Continue reading Obituary: Peter J. Thiessen