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Shigematsu explores how love releases from shame

Ministry leaders gather at SBC Leadership Conference held March 11–12

By Jesse Penner

Shame is one of the most universal human experiences. Whether we are young or old, students or teachers, leaders or followers, all of us can identify with the sting of failure. For many pastors and ministry leaders this season of division and loss has brought with it deep feelings of inadequacy and exhaustion. How do we combat the feeling in our souls that we aren’t enough, or that we don’t measure up? Continue reading Shigematsu explores how love releases from shame

Pastoral Couple Accepted as Members

By Pat Schellenberg

Kola, Man.—On Sunday, January 16, 2022, Pastor Ernest Reimer and his wife Sherridan were accepted into church membership at the Kola Evangelical Mennonite Church. Conference Pastor Layton Friesen was on hand for this heartwarming occasion, exhorting us to “go back and sit at the feet of Jesus” and learn from him. We as a congregation feel greatly blessed.