Pastors, Church Support Parents in Dedication

By Cathy Epp

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, Man.—On Sunday, January 23, 2022, Pastor Les Kroeker led Michael and Sabrina Jones as they dedicated themselves and their baby daughter Ashlynn to the Lord. He gave them five questions to answer.

  1. Do you see your daughter as a gift from God?
  2. Are you fully aware that this ceremony does not save your child?
  3. Do you commit yourself to raising your daughter in the knowledge of Jesus Christ? And that, like Timothy (2 Timothy 3:15), Ashlynn is taught the Scripture from infancy onward and is made wise unto salvation?
  4. Do you commit yourself to ensuring that Ashlynn is well aware of the gospel and is given every opportunity to repent and surrender to Jesus Christ, without forcing this upon her?
  5. Do you promise to willingly surrender Ashlynn to the ministry chosen by God even if it entails her going to the furthest corner of the earth?

Pastor Glenn led in prayer. The church stood in a show of support.

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