From Grief to Joy

By L. Marie Enns

Mourning Mother Mary—
They killed her innocent Son
Despondent, devastated disciples—
Their Master lies lifeless, entombed
Godly, grieving women take spices
To anoint their Lord’s body—
Their final act of kindness.
Hope dashed by despair
Faith weakened by perplexity
Joy crushed by sorrow
The atmosphere hangs heavy
With grief and gloom,
Disappointment and dismay.

Then Sunday morning
Resurrection bursts forth!
The tomb is empty
New hope is born
On Easter morn
Joy and faith return
As confused minds struggle
To wholly comprehend
This new, unexpected revelation
Jesus is alive again!
He has risen from the dead
He has died and risen as He said
Glory to God in the highest
Alleluia! Christ is risen

L. Marie Enns lives in La Crete, Alta. This poem was first published in Easter Stories and More by InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship in March 2021.

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