Sleeper Drive Held to Assist Young Parents

by Jenaya Groen

WINNIPEG, Man.—Do you like PJs? Well, babies do too!

Throughout November and December of 2021, a Sleeper Drive was held at Crestview Fellowship Church to support Youth for Christ (YFC) and Cheyenne Lewycky, the Young Parents Outreach Program Coordinator.

Pastor Darrel Guenther believed it was time to do a project again to get the church involved, as COVID restrictions have caused separation. What better way to unite the church than to work together to support a great cause?

The Young Parents Program helps young parents, ages 15–25, take care of their families and themselves, while providing spiritual guidance. Cheyenne is actively involved in the many events and activities taking place through the program. Some of the outreach activities include devotional evenings, BBQs and care packages.

The congregation was asked to help support these young families by collecting sleepers for them during this season. Through this project, Cheyenne reminded Crestview Fellowship Church that, through the abundance God gave each of us, we can bless the young parents at YFC.

Fortunately, Crestview Fellowship Church collected so many sleepers that they were able to be displayed on the wall! The church looks forward to and is praying for the smiles that these sleepers will bring. Crestview Fellowship Church hopes that these sleepers will share God’s love with each of the special families.

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