Refractions (A Frosty Blessing)

By Brigitte (Bouvier) Toews

January is a time of reflection for me. The winter is long and cold here on the prairies, and life can get monotonous while waiting for spring to arrive. But even in the tedium, I can appreciate moments when beauty shines through. Like glimmering diamonds in the trees, the hoarfrost—too beautiful for my camera to capture fully—becomes a frozen picture in my mind.

Today (January 27, 2022), while I was walking on the treadmill, I looked out the basement window. The sun was at just the right angle to create a colourful array of tiny little prisms; refracted light on frozen crystals shining through. I was immediately reminded of the first poem I was inspired to write called: A Frosty Blessing.

This is how it happened twenty years earlier:

In mid-January 2002, I was stuck inside my house, pondering the state of our world in light of 9/11. Then my mind wandered to the state of my own house where mundane chores consumed much of my day. The kids will be home soon, I had better take a nap while I can, I thought to myself. As I headed to the closet with the last load of laundry, something happened. I heard a voice in my mind say, “Brigitte, look over here!”

I turned around and at that very moment, the low winter sun shone its golden rays through the partially drawn vertical blinds. I parted them further and, to my surprise, the rays illuminated a crystal masterpiece on the patio door. I had never seen anything this brilliant before!

I became mesmerized by the array of sparkling, crystalized, feather-like patterns, swirling in perfect union with each other. Where one left off, another began. My eyes followed each intricate detail in amazement. I had to take a step back just to take in the whole picture. It was a glimpse of God’s handiwork in its complexity and beauty. At that moment, filled with rapturous joy, I laughed, I cried, and I thanked and praised my God for stepping into my day with this beautiful event. It was perfection, and only The Master could have etched this frosty blessing.

A Frosty Blessing

The world’s insane, my life’s mundane
As my day comes into view
These are colder days, a frosty haze
Or Lord what shall I do?

Dear God, I pray, take me away
To your perfect place
Then your golden sun, revealed the fun
And put a smile upon my face

Crystal clear, swirling cheer
Etched on my windowpane
I stared in awe, at what I saw
A blessing to sustain.
Thank You Lord.

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