Giving Tuesday: Canadian Church Planting

By Gerald Reimer

Thank you for supporting church planting in Canada! EMC’s Giving Tuesday initiative allowed us to replenish our Seed and Growth Funds by nearly $10,000. We trust you enjoyed hearing from several church planters in the videos shared on EMC social media platforms.

The Church Planting Task Force has been given a mandate by EMC delegates to plant churches across Canada, recognizing this takes substantial funding. And as you may have seen on the Giving Tuesday social media posts, our church planters are eternally grateful for the support they receive from the wider conference so they can evangelize, disciple, and establish new churches.

Because of our mandate, we are constantly looking for new opportunities to recruit more church planters and to facilitate new church plants.

For instance, many EMC students studying at Steinbach Bible College are looking to get involved in ministry, whether overseas missions, youth, pastoral or church planting, etc. In our conversations, many of them talk about how valuable it would be to connect up with a local EMC church, their own or another one, to develop their ministry skills. While this requires openness and intentionality from our churches, it facilitates future growth of the kingdom.

Cooperation with a local EMC church is a great way to not only develop new leaders, but can be a great asset to local ministries your church is engaged in, or would like to expand into. Yes, financial investment is required. But whether it happens at the local church level or on the wider conference level, the results are the same: new leaders engaged in new ministries that grow the church in Canada and beyond.

However, if your church is hesitant to engage new workers, or doesn’t have any reasonable opportunities right now, then assisting the Task Force in our broader Canadian church planting ministry would be a tremendous asset. While many of our young adults are content to live and serve in their home communities, many are also excited to cross the country—or the globe—to engage in new opportunities according to God’s leading. For that, support of the wider conference is needed.

Gerald Reimer, Director of Church Planting

Thank you for your ongoing support of church planting in Canada. May many people be brought into a new relationship with the living Lord this year!

Gerald Reimer is EMC’s Director of Church Planting.

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