Introducing New Reporter Eva Friesen

by Eva Friesen

LA CRETE, Alta.—Greetings from La Crete, Alta. Since this is my first article and my first attempt to fulfill the reporter role, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Eva Friesen (nee Driedger). I have lived in La Crete all my life and am a proud descendant of the Coffa Dreedyash family (Coffee Driedgers).

I received Christ as Saviour at age 15 and was baptized upon confession of my faith when I was 19 years old. I have been regularly attending La Crete Christian Fellowship (LCCF) since 2014, and transferred my membership in November the following year. It was here I met, befriended and fell in love with my husband, Frank. We just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary this past July!

This past spring, a part-time job opportunity opened up in our church office for an afternoon secretary. I applied, interviewed for, and was offered the position. It has been a wonderful experience, a huge learning curve, but the people I work with have been such an encouragement to me.

It was through this new position that I realized that our church was without a Messenger reporter, and has been for many years. It appealed to me to be the one who would inform our Conference of what’s been happening here in La Crete. So, I asked for the opportunity and our church board appointed me.

Just as all churches across the country, LCCF has had to navigate through the maze of confusion that 2020 brought upon us. But, in spite of the difficulties, we had many reasons to celebrate! In April 2020, there was an official groundbreaking for a building expansion project. After many months of hard work, LCCF had a church dedication for the new wing on October 18, 2020.

From July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021, our church was able to celebrate seven weddings, 26 births, four couples who participated in parent/child dedications, 16 individuals baptized and 18 people accepted into membership. It has been amazing to witness the joy and goodness of God through these events.

Eva Friesen, new Messenger reporter for LCCF, and husband Frank Friesen.

Within the same time frame, amid all the moments of joy and celebration, our congregation has also endured the sorrow of saying goodbye to four beloved people within our midst. Again, it was incredibly moving to see the goodness of God demonstrated through the unity of our people, supporting each other through these times of grieving.

As we continue on, may we all strive to be the light of Christ to the hurting world around us, and uphold one another in prayer, united and steadfast.

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