Free Sale Allows Community Connections

by Jenaya Groen

WINNIPEG, Man.—Bang! Crestview Fellowship Church began September 2021 with many events!

To start, Crestview Fellowship hosted their annual Free Sale on September 11. Fortunately, restrictions allowed for this event to take place again, after having to take a break from it last year. The Free Sale ran from 8 a.m. to noon in the church parking lot.

This required volunteers to help move all of the Free Sale items, stored within the church, to the gym during the week, and out the church doors Saturday morning. These volunteers know that the time they put into this event is for a greater purpose. The event receives great responses from the community, and enables Crestview Fellowship to reach out, to connect with the community, and to bless others with free items to reuse.

The following day, September 12, marked the Crestview Fellowship Church Sunday School Kick-off, celebrating the school year and the ministries starting up for the year again. This event consisted of a church service outside and a lunch provided by the creative and energetic Food Committee. The fact that the church service was held outside in the parking lot enabled the community to see their church gathering together, and potentially spark some interest within, or connections with, those going by. The church is very excited to get back into their Sunday School program, the L.O.F.T. (Living Our Faith Together) program for youth, and the Tuesday Night Ministry for high school age and up.

That same day, Crestview Fellowship Church was able to celebrate Henry and Elsie Thiessen’s 60th wedding anniversary! This couple has been very faithful within Crestview Fellowship’s congregation and it was an honour to be able to celebrate this special day with them. While following COVID-19 guidelines, the celebration was able to be hosted in the basement of Crestview Fellowship Church, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. The celebration consisted of food, speeches, special features, and a ton of fellowshipping. Many friends and family of Henry and Elsie were able to come and celebrate with them. The celebration could not have been successful without all of the thought and care Henry and Elsie’s children put into the evening and the eager volunteers within the congregation.

After all of the thought and time put into all of these events, it was encouraging to see them be so successful. Crestview Fellowship Church looks forward to the many other events that God will inspire and help them to accomplish this year.

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