Letters August 2021

Women, we need your voice

By Jeremy Zehr, Winnipeg, Man.

My wife, Teresa Enns Zehr, has proven herself to be a great pastor. She was called into pastoral ministry by the Holy Spirit from a very young age. This calling was confirmed by our congregation (Aberdeen EMC) and they continue to fully affirm her four years into her time as our pastor. However, she continues to be told by the Conference that she is not fully capable as a pastor because she is a woman. She is not allowed to be ordained or have her vote count at Ministerial meetings.

Let’s name this what it is: discrimination and sexism! The good news of the Jesus way includes setting the oppressed free (Luke 4). Jesus broke down barriers to include the marginalized, including women. The EMC is doing the opposite; holding onto discriminatory policies against women. We are to be good news people yet, in this area, we are not.

To the women pastors and leaders in our conference, I would like to say, “You are fully capable in your calling, and I will listen to you and follow your leadership.” To the girls in our conference, I would like to say, “You are enough, and God has created you with the ability to be pastors and leaders!” To all the women in the EM Conference I would like to say, “We need your voice to lead and guide us and I am sorry that you have been, and continue to be, treated this way.”

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