Afghanistan – Any Hope Left?

Our pain cannot fit in the heart of the sea. The ocean is too small to embrace our heartache!

By Pamir Ministries

We cannot believe it. Afghanistan is collapsing. Nothing has stopped the Taliban momentum and they have now entered Kabul. Will it be a transitional government or a total Taliban takeover? Afghans are deeply fearful. Panic, dismay and confusion are everywhere. Foreigners are leaving. What about the believers? Borders are closed.

We are thankful that there has not been wide-scale bloodshed or destruction. Can a new regime sustain this?

Where the Taliban are in full control, some say “All is peaceful.” In some districts they impose strict Islamic rule. 

Here’s what Afghans say when they contact us:

  • I am ready to die for Jesus, but I don’t want to die unknown.
  • No one has any answer. There is no hope left.
  • I joined a militia group, but we got no support. We had to flee. Now I’m sleeping in a mosque.
  • We’re waiting to be slaughtered.

When our Pamir team meets online, we weep and share the pain together. The laments in the Psalms resonate with us. Our Afghan team members hear from families who live in fear and uncertainty. This is what our team members say:

  • Has our land been cursed from the times of our ancestors? All we have ever known is pain.
  • Before, when I had a heart of stone, I didn’t care. Now Jesus gave me a heart of flesh, and oh it hurts so much for my people!
  • Love brings both joy and pain; now love hurts as we care for our people.

In our media (radio, TV & digital media) and discipleship, we face unprecedented challenges:

  • How do we address our Afghan audience at such a time as this?
  • How do we speak to those who contact us and say it’s all hopeless?
  • How do we relate to seekers and believers, many who expect help to get out of the country?
  • How should we respond? We weep & pray with them, but what practical or financial help can we give?

Isaiah prophesied that “In His [Jesus] name, the nations [including Afghanistan] will put their hope (Matthew 12:21). Please join us in praying that as Afghanistan faces its worst crisis yet, her people will “put [their] hope in the Lord, for with the Lord is unfailing love and with Him is full redemption” (Psalm 130:7). Pray for believers, especially leaders of house church networks. Pray that God will keep His church strong.

Please pray for Pamir Ministries as we serve via media and discipleship from outside. Pray that as we share in the pain of God’s Father heart for this country, God would give us His words as we talk with Afghans, especially the believers. Pray for wisdom as to how to offer practical response in this crisis and for guidance in choosing our media strategies and creating our media content.

In the face of this overwhelming situation, let’s join with our Afghan brothers and sisters in the Greater Middle Eastern Blessing song, praying the Lord’s Prayer and God’s blessing over the Afghan people.

Thank you, we need you with us at this time.

Pamir  Ministries is a ministry of Operation Mobilization. 

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