God’s Call to Mission When a Door Closes

Discerning God’s Call to Missions

By Dallas Wiebe

Editor’s Note: This article is the third of a six-part series on God’s call and discernment. The first two articles were published in the January and March 2021 issues. The first article by Nancy Friesen (January 2021) was not labelled as part of the series.

MEXICO – Our call to missions as a couple is the same call every disciple of Jesus has received to be a witness of his love (2 Corinthians 5:17–21, Matthew 28:18–20, Acts 1:8). The differences are the locations where we live that out and the specific ways God asks us to serve him. That being said, our personal story began before my wife and I met.

My mission exposure experience through SBC was my first cross-cultural experience. Through it, my interest was piqued toward cross-cultural missions. Almost immediately after this, my interest was also piqued in a certain female student who had similar passions. Tara had been a missionary kid in Paraguay, and this left an indelible impression and pull toward ministering to Hispanic people.

Our conversations about missions began before I asked her to marry me and continued after she said yes. Tara was still studying after we married, and we went on another MissionX trip, this time to Paraguay. This experience was another opportunity to develop a love for Hispanic people and see the culture and people that played a significant role in the formation of my wife, Tara.

Shortly after, we moved to Brandon, Man., to help in a Spanish church plant. This experience allowed us to learn about church planting and more about the Hispanic culture. This experience, while at times difficult and stretching, continued to be another factor towards confirming this call to cross-cultural mission. Through these years and experiences, we continued to pray and talk, always with the idea of possibly returning to Paraguay to serve in church planting. Our oldest son, Carter, was born and a year later we applied to the EMC as church planters.

The next steps were selling our house and moving to Edinburgh, Texas, for language training. During our time there, we had two significant events occur. The first was that our second son, Logan, was born. The second was that the door was closed on moving to Paraguay. However, another door opened to move to Mexico.

While this news was neither expected nor desired at the time, we were faced with the question of whether our call to missions was limited to a specific location or whether this call was broader than that. Was God asking us to trust him and to serve him with our whole hearts, no matter where that was? The answer we came to was yes.

Our prayer was that God would give us complete peace in the place that he wanted us to be and that he would be our place of “home.” And he has done just that. Since arriving in Mexico almost 12 years ago, God has given us a love for the culture and the people. We desire to see the people deeply know Christ. God’s peace has guarded our hearts and minds, proving his faithfulness in both the good times and the difficult ones.

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