Letters May 2021

We Need to Seek the Best Way to Address Climate Change

By Delmer Plett, Arborg, Man.

Climate change is a topic we bump into regularly in the news that can lead us to fear and guilt. I applaud The Messenger (March 2021 issue) for taking on a relevant, controversial, political topic like this.
I would like to recommend viewing Bjorn Lomborg’s video, “Don’t waste trillions on BAD Climate Policy” on YouTube. While I don’t totally agree with everything he says, he bases what he says on recorded scientific data, on climate data, quoting other qualified sources.

He believes in climate change; Lomborg acknowledges that the earthly temperature is rising, causing adverse effects. He says that carbon and greenhouse gases impact the rise in earth’s temperature. From data, he points out there are less damaging floods, droughts and hurricanes than there were in the past, although they do occur at places they did not in the past.

Different climate initiatives like the Paris Accord, while costly, do almost nothing to affect global temperatures. Innovation needs to continue so cleaner and cheaper fuels can be found. But windmills and solar panels are not always cost effective. In India, for example, they want to shut down all coal plants, but many areas cannot afford solar panels.

Lomborg says the best way to help the poor countries get ahead with climate change issues is to lift them out of poverty. Political climate change programs often make the poor poorer and the rich richer.

While churches and para-church organizations are pushing the government to spend even more, they may be side-tracked from spreading the gospel message.

I pray we will have good discernment and not give in to living in fear and guilt. Let’s rest in God who is in control of even the weather. We anticipate the new heaven and the new earth that God himself will provide (Revelation 21:1). This earth will grow old like a garment (Isaiah 51:6). It is not our job to stop this from happening—at least not from what I find in Scripture. His promise remains the same yesterday today and forever.

This give us reason to be courageous in hard times and to be at peace.

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