Why Associate as an Associate?

Central Asia—We love the Evangelical Mennonite Conference! We value the connections we have made over the years in the EMC. We appreciate the staff and the leaders and the members from so many different backgrounds. And so, when we started the process of moving into a new ministry overseas, we knew we wanted to keep connected with the EMC.

We are part of a great worldwide organization that is seeking to “see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached” and our role will be to provide spiritual care for the front line workers in some difficult and challenging areas of Central Asia. But we value the EMC too. So, as we went through the application process with our organization, we chose to proceed with the application to be associate missionaries with EMC as well.
Why was this important to us?

Prayer support: Because we are EMC associate missionaries, we are part of the monthly prayer calendar and the EMC Day of Prayer material, and have many EMCers receiving our prayer letters. We need prayer as we move through this transition and as we adjust and learn in our new role in a new country in a new language. We don’t understand everything about how prayer works, but we know it works. As we join together in prayer, God’s power is released! There is no way we can do this task without God’s power working in and through us.

Connections: We have been raising a support team in the midst of the pandemic and increased restrictions. We are so grateful for connections that we have made over the years and for new ones forming. We value these connections and want to stay connected. We were grateful to receive a Christmas card from one of the EMC churches in Alberta that we have not even visited yet.

Financial support: Did you know that a portion of the EMC budget goes to supporting associate missionaries? We will probably need to wait a couple of years before there is room in the budget for us, but it is something to look forward to as representing our connection to EMC. Associate missionaries also have access to loans for vehicles and funds for projects through Project Builders. Some of the projects that they have supported over the years have been in Central Asia and we may even connect with those who have benefited.

Representation: We hope that you will also be encouraged by being part of the work in Central Asia. Few of you will be able to go to Central Asia, but we can go and be your workers, your representatives, part of the church that is alive and growing in that area of the world.

We have been accepted by the EMC Board of Missions as associate missionaries and are leaving soon to start the journey, in the midst of the pandemic, of learning a new language, settling into a new home and city, and learning to love and care for a new team of workers. We value our association with EMC and hope that you will be encouraged by associating with us as well!

Brian and Tricia will be serving in Central Asia.

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