NFC Releases Building to Northern Growing Abilities

By Janice Imrie

CREIGHTON, Sask.—At NFC, we had some additional surprises this year, beyond the pandemic. We have battled water, seepage and sewer back-up in our basement for numerous years. These chronic problems led to the inward bulging of two walls in our basement. We had come to our wits end.

We took the opportunity to meet with Conference Pastor Layton Friesen when he visited our area in August. We were encouraged by his empathy and empowered to look at other options.
Our small committee’s recommendation to the congregation in mid-September was to look at a place to rent. We located a space which would suit our needs.

We had purchased the lot for $1 from the Town of Creighton in the 60s; we decided to sell for the same price. Northern Growing Abilities took over the lot and building on February 1, 2021. They look to start a business and employ people with intellectual disabilities. After assessment, they will not demolish the building. We are happy about that.

Thanks to Layton, Executive Director Tim Dyck and the EMC for their support.

We have been uplifted by the acceptance and work ethic of our small church family. For those who have been there since the beginning and have served long-term, it has been a painful but necessary decision. Thanks to the many who assisted in the sorting and moving process.

We have not been meeting in person since early October 2020. Randall and Faith Krahn faithfully post sermons online and Faith provides weekly musical numbers. Froggie and Susie (puppets – Kristen and Kevin) often visit online. Anna arranged special numbers at Christmas. Paper copies of the sermons are delivered to households without the Internet.

We had Kids Club from January through February 2020, then again in July until early October. We miss being together, but are attempting to stay in touch.

The process of leaving our church building makes me think of when I started attending NFC (about 1985). Mary Ann Smith (who lived two blocks away) invited me to her ladies’ Bible study. It made more sense to attend a church in Creighton rather than travel the icy hills of Flin Flon to attend the Baptist church. My earliest memories are of Terry and Mary Ann Smith and the many years, hard work and dedication they selflessly gave; thank you.

When they left in the summer of 1996 we were without a pastor for four and a half years, with support from Ken and Carol Seburn and guest speakers. Deb Odegaard was active on the pastoral search committee. Dick and Tina Unrau came to our rescue for a few wonderful months.

Then, we approached Dale and Marge Warkentin (MB church, Flin Flon) and they consented to take us on as we could not afford a full-time pastor. Following Dale, we had Alex and Carla Suderman for a year, then Scott and Natalie Koop and now Randall and Faith Krahn. Of course, we are also grateful for Lorne and Margaret Moorhead who helped behind the scenes. We miss Margaret. Thanks to the EMC for support through Region 3 and the wider conference as well as our partnership with the MB Conference and MB Conference Pastor Jason Dyck.

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