Braesiders Responding With Fresh Commitment

by Dan Cormie

WINNIPEG, Man.—I think the past year at Braeside might best be described by words like: revealing, unmasking, exposing, or even laying bare. Something about the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a paring-down to essentials, on both personal and corporate levels.

Where do we go for comfort in times of need?

What is at the heart of our celebrations?

To what, or to whom, do we turn to satisfy our longing for rest, or refreshment, or adventure?

Cut off from many temporal indulgences, many Braesiders have shared encouraging reports of renewed personal devotion and fresh commitment to faith.

On the corporate level, early concerns about the demise of Christendom in the wake of video services and virtual communion are proving baseless. While some may be taking the opportunity to loosen commitments, the vast majority here at Braeside are going out of their way to strengthen relational bonds and to care for one another in genuine expressions of love.

My prayer is that the days ahead will see the end of the COVID-19 challenges, but that the lessons learned and commitments made will continue to mark the church for many years.

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