Finding Gratituge in the Midst of Turmoil

by Pastor Darrel Guenther

WINNIPEG, Man.—Things I miss:

What I really miss is my favorite ice cream place that is shut down for the winter.

I miss that people are not as connected as they used to be. People are more cautious, more timid, less care-free and interact less with each other.

I miss whole-hearted singing in the pews. It is just not the same behind a mask.

I miss potluck. I never thought I would say that. I do not miss the meal itself: I like one kind of food at a time, not everything mixing together on my plate. But I miss seeing the interactions and visiting around the table.

I miss not being able to plan, for next week, next month, next outreach event as the rules and guidelines change all the time.

I miss peace, as it seems there is an overall tension and anxiety to life in these days of COVID-19.

All that said, I am continually grateful for the congregation that gathers at Crestview Fellowship Church. We hung on having services until we were shut down at the end of March.

April, May and June saw us learning how to record a service and put it up on our web site. Many gifts came to the surface at that time. I see the faithfulness of the congregation and their desire to grow in their faith and serve. The stability in troubled waters has been great to see.

We are still hosting Fatmata Kargbo and her boys here in the church. After a year and a half we are just at the completion of filing a new humanitarian and compassion appeal to the federal department of migration. Pray for God’s favor on the process and our faithfulness as we continue to serve.


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