Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and the Ends of the World

Are you interested in cross cultural missions? EMC Missions is currently recruiting for the following fields:

Minga Guazú, Paraguay

Many of the national Paraguayans in the neighbourhoods of Minga Guazú are unreached by the Gospel and do not have an active church. Often the communities have a few believers who are open to and desire a Bible study in their homes. This has proven to be an effective way to reach the community.

Church Planting Partners: We are looking for a missionary individual, couple or family to work as part of the Minga Guazú church planting team. They would not take a lot of responsibilities in the existing church plant, but focus on a new community church plant alongside the current EMC church planting team and local believers.

Children and Youth Worker: We are looking for an individual, couple or family to focus on ministry to children and youth alongside the Minga Guazú church planting team. Children and young people are generally quicker to respond to the gospel and ministry to these groups have developed trust in the community that we serve in.

Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara, Mexico is a wealthy city full of cathedrals and few churches. The ministry in Guadalajara is strategically located in an affluent area of this progressive Mexican city of seven million people. Connections are easy to make, but spiritual conversations are more difficult.

Church Planting Partners: Our missionary team in Guadalajara invites more workers to expand their efforts into surrounding neighbourhoods. Ministry involvements among the professional demographic include sports and recreation, marriage and finance workshops, grade-school employment, evangelism and discipleship, prayer ministry and much more.

School Teacher: Lincoln School is a Christian school attended by the church planting team’s children and is a key avenue of outreach into the community. This school is open to having EMC missionaries as teachers. A teaching degree is required.


In Bolivia, EMC works alongside the EMMC and EBMC conferences as a part of Misión Evangélica Menonita, or MEM, reaching out to Old Colony Mennonites and Bolivians.

School Teacher: MEM runs a school for local children and the children of those who cannot attend the Colony schools. Qualified teachers are invited to apply to teach alongside MEM missionaries and local teachers in the school at Villa Nueva or Hacienda Verde.
Expansion Initiatives

The Board of Missions is having conversations and making decisions as we explore how we can be involved in both Muslim and First Nation ministry. Watch for opportunities for Muslim ministry in 2021!

For more information on any of these opportunities, please contact Ken Zacharias at or call the office at 204-326-6401.

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