What Can You Do?

by Loreena Thiessen

Now is a different time. It’s different because you and your family are together at home more than you have been. You are not at school.

You do your lessons at home, maybe through a video link or lessons sent to your house. Your teacher isn’t at school either. Your parents may work from home. You play at home. You watch church at home instead of going to your regular church building on Sunday morning.

You haven’t gone shopping lately. You haven’t been to a playground in a while, or visited your cousins, aunts, uncles, or grandparents. Why is this happening?

About five months ago, just as the year 2020 began, a bad virus appeared in several different places. Quickly it spread across the entire world. Many people got sick. Now we have new rules to follow in order to stop it from doing more damage, stop it from making even more people sick. These rules keep people apart; fewer people together means fewer people get sick. So now there are no large crowds, no birthday parties, no baseball games, no swimming in pools.

At the same time, many people are working hard to try to stop the virus. Doctors and nurses in hospitals and clinics help sick people get well. Truck drivers and workers in grocery stores make sure there’s enough food. Cleaners use special equipment to keep the surfaces we touch clean and safe.

Scientists all over the world are working to find a vaccine to stop the virus. Firefighters, police officers, and bus drivers continue to do their jobs to keep everyone safe too. Your teacher still prepares lessons for you and makes sure you get them.

But what can you do?

First, you must know what the new rules are. Ask your parents if you’re not sure why you can’t play at your friend’s house. Make sure you follow their advice and suggestions. You may think that your part in all this isn’t so important. But it is. By doing the right thing you help yourself and others, too. Look at what one boy learned.

A young boy was in a large crowd of more than five thousand people, who had come to hear Jesus talk. After a while the people got tired. They were hungry. They needed food.

Jesus instructed his disciples to get together enough food for everyone. After searching they found the boy. He had five small loaves of bread and two small fish. This was his lunch for the day. When the disciples asked for it, he was surprised but handed it over. What happened next shocked everyone.

Loreena Thiessen

After giving thanks, Jesus divided the food and the disciples handed it out. Everyone had enough to eat. Then Jesus said, “Collect all the leftovers, too, so nothing is wasted.”

The disciples filled twelve baskets with the leftover food. This was truly a miracle. Because one young boy readily shared his lunch, he had enough, and so did five thousand others. By doing his part he helped so many more.

Read the story in John 6:4:14.


Share something you can make or give.


Paints, large craft paper, pencil, note paper, scissors, tape.


On a large sheet of craft paper paint a rainbow in the seven colors in order: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red. Cut it out and hang it in a window so passersby can easily see it.

Share a smile, a story, or a poem with someone in your family.

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