Letters June 2020

Complaining About Restrictions?

by Bethany Matejka. Birch River, Man.

I have heard quite a few people, many of whom are Christians, complaining about the restrictions being put on us because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am not here to discuss the necessity or effectiveness of any of those measures. I am also not here to draw a comparison between the Manitoban or Canadian government and the Roman government of New Testament times.

Yet I can’t help but think of Peter and Silas (and countless Christians unjustly imprisoned since then) and what their reaction was. They very well could have sat together and discussed how unfair it was of the government to restrict their movement, to “cut them off” from the fellowship of believers, to choose the health of society (as perceived by the political leaders) over their personal freedom and economic activity.

They didn’t. They sang hymns of praise to the God they knew was bigger than any circumstances. They knew they were still part of the fellowship of believers because Christ’s Body is not dependent on physical proximity. They knew the Church was praying for them and they joined in from their cell. Even when an earthquake broke down the prison walls, they sat and they sang.

We are much more privileged than they. No one has told us to stop reading our Bible. No one has told us to stop praying. No one has told us to stop singing. We have been given an unprecedented (in our context) opportunity to display that Christianity is about so much more than attending church on Sundays.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, whatever you may feel about the government’s and public health office’s decisions in these difficult times, please take every opportunity to praise our good God and to show love to those who are suffering instead of complaining. We look forward to physically gathering as our individual church bodies again in the not too distant future and even more to gathering together as the entirety of Christ’s Body in the presence of our Lord someday.

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  1. This is absolutely right. I completely and wholeheartedly agree. Lord, give me the attitude of the apostles. Thanks, Bethany.

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