A Scooter, eh?

by Alex Reimer

GERMANY – I woke up on Jan. 4 and resolved to learn how to drive a scooter to work. I’m not sure if that counts as a New Year’s resolution. This report is probably already too late to be talking about New Year’s resolutions anyways. But I digress.

The daughter of the family I live with loaned me her scooter and I spent the afternoon annoying the neighbours by buzzing around the block until I was comfortable enough to take it on the main roads. That night I drove it to Kandern and back, and have now officially become a guy that drives a scooter on occasion.

To commemorate this moment, I would like to share with you updates on my time here in Germany in the form of wisdom that I may or may not have gleaned from my locomotive experience.

A lot of life is spent traveling. Especially when your scooter maxes out at 40 km/hr. This ties into the update side of things in that I was in Sweden this year for Christmas. There’s a family in GEM that invites the single missionaries all over Europe to their house in Stockholm. It was a good time.

When life throws you curves, lean into them. For a number of months we were pushing ourselves. This was difficult, not only because this film is bigger than anything we’ve done before, but also because a worker had to be back in the U.S. raising more support for himself and his family. Because of that trip, other trips, and language school, a recent week was the first full week he and I have worked together since I was an intern back in 2018.

All this to say, we’ve decided that instead of rushing something for this February, we’ll aim to film starting next September. (Summer wasn’t a good time for a number of reasons.) While this is a bit of a curve in our original plan, we’re still working hard and pushing to have most of the planning and preparation done by February. Much like you have to lean into a curve a little bit as you putter around on a scooter.

Don’t sneeze with the visor down. Not really an update attached to this one, but it’s just good life advice, applicable in a lot of helmet-wearing scenarios.

Sometimes new things are slow. The scooter, while not new, is newly loaned to me. And as I mentioned earlier, it’s not really autobahn material.

Similarly, we are trying to do something new here in Germany, and it sometimes feels like it’s taking a long time. There comes a point when that can be discouraging. But then I’ll get an email from someone excited about film and excited about God, and I remember that we’re blazing a trail here.

I don’t see us as simply trying to make a movie; I see us as explorers, looking for a new Northwest passage, finding a new way to give glory to God through the art of film. Not only though films, but our lives as well. May the generations that come after us be inspired by the paths we have followed, even if we could only follow them at 40 km/hr.

Alex Reimer

Thanks for being a part of this. Pray for good contacts, creativity and sensitivity as we transform the script into a plan for filming; for good work habits together; and good discussions about future films.

Alex Reimer (Prairie Grove) is an EMC Associate Missionary and a filmmaker who serves with Greater Europe Mission in Kandern, Germany.

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