In the Stillness

By Les Martens

Though we just might think that the righteous win, if we keep the rules and we do not sin, the plain truth is that the best man died even though he prayed, he pleaded, and cried, “Father let this pass help me end this pain.” But the silence stayed and the curse remained. In the garden bound, by the high priest tried, he was kissed, betrayed, left alone, denied. 

“How can God allow so much pain?” we ask. It’s too much to bear. It’s too great a task. Why should we be forced to endure so much when He could change it all with a simple touch?

So, we cry. We weep. Beg the Father’s good, and we know we’re right. If He could heal, He should!

But the silence hangs like a linen shroud and it makes the quietness seem loud.

And our faith, once strong, slowly starts to fade. We begin to doubt all the vows we made. “I won’t walk away. I won’t say goodbye. There’s no way I’d leave, doubt your word, deny.”

“But I can’t hold on. I can’t see the light. Is it there when I look and all I see is night? Yes, I have your word. It’s written down right here, but it’s hard to read with eyes filled with tears.

“Father, end this pain. Hear my cry, Respond. It’s this awful stillness I can’t get beyond.”

From deep within I can hear you speak: “In the stillness, child, you’ll find what you seek. ‘Be still and know.’ Let those words sink deep. Take the time to rest, maybe even sleep. I’ll be holding you, so release your fear. You can let it go because I’ll be right here. Come to me and rest. I’ll restore your soul and you’ll find my peace and it will make you whole.”

Les Martens has served as the pastor at Kola EMC.

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