EMC Resources and Books About or by EMC People

Celebrating 50+ Years of Good Community Memories: A Collection of Recipes by Riverton Gospel Chapel 2018. Memories, appetizers and beverages, main dishes, desserts, and more. $15 (coil paperback).

Christian Life Book: A Practical Study Guide (reprinted 2019). A 13-lesson guide to prepare for baptism, membership, or membership transfer. $5. (coil paperback)

Follow Me: Exploring More of Our Calling as Christians (2006). ISBN 978098604915. A 13-lesson guide exploring biblical social justice. (coil paperback). Free.

Food for Fun and Fellowship: Favourite Recipes of the Canadian Evangelical Mennonite Conference, Melanie Frayle (2006). Nearly every EMC church is represented in favourites used to serve family and entertain guests. $16 (coil paperback).

Holy Wanderings: A Guide to Deeper Discipleship (2019). After people have joined the church, what then? This 13-lesson guide looks at Bible and authority, Bible and interpretation, faith and culture, conflict, vocation, everyday evangelism, stewardship and simple living, the local church, leadership, worship, devotional life, continuing to believe, and pilgrimage. Copies are subsidized at $5. Contact the national office. ISBN 978098680491. $5.

The Biblical Case for Equality (2002) $8. Good News for a Broken World: Studies in Romans (2007). $8. Keeping in Step with the God of Peace (2008). $15. Hope for Tough Times: the Letters of Peter (2009) $8. The Grace and the Glory: John’s Gospel (2015). $10. Twenty Big Questions (2016). $10. In Praise of Altruism (2017) $10. All by Arden Thiessen.

 Living in God’s Kingdom: A Practical Study Guide on the Christian Life (2016). A six-unit guide to prepare for baptism, membership, or membership transfer. $5. ISBN 9780986804953. Leader’s guide $4.

The Gentleman (2012), Jacob Enns. On a hunting trip, Jeff Nolan, a widower and a pacifist, encounters a serial killer. How does he respond? ISBN 9781460202418. $15 (paperback).

The Stranger: A Story of Romance and Intrigue (2017), Eleanor Lee Gustaw. Romance and intrigue follow two detectives as they discover God’s plan and redefine their calling. ISBN 9781512776874. $27.95 (paperback).

 Upholding the Old, Embracing the New: The Life of P J B Reimer, Teacher, Minister, and Mennonite Historian (2014), Dianne Hildebrand. 9780987678065 $20 (paperback).

Titles are available from the EMC national office or the authors. Prices do not include mailing costs.

One thought on “EMC Resources and Books About or by EMC People”

  1. I just finished reading this on line, and will read again when I get my hard copy. That is so fascinating. Loved reading about lives of former EMCers who were involved in Missions.

    I remember the good years my first husband Melvin Dueck and I spent in the Woodlands area, ministering in the schools, visiting homes, having services, Sunday Schools, and DVBS. They were so rewarding.

    That is many years ago but I won’t forget it. I attend the Fort Garry MB Church since I married Peter and was privileged to share part of that in the Adult S.S. class there. All part of history.

    I appreciate The Messenger. Thank you.

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