Be Your Best

by Loreena Thiessen

Do you want to be the best? What do you want to be best at?

If you are the best you will feel good about it. Your best will be noticed and it may help someone else.

There are many kinds of best. One person is usually only the best at one thing. For example, the fastest runner, Usain Bolt, can run 100 meters in 9.58 seconds, but he has never run a mile.

There are other bests. In nature, the best may be the tallest, as in the tallest waterfall, Angel Falls found in Venezuela. It is 807 meters tall, but it is not the widest, nor does it have the largest amount of water flow. There are other falls with more flow, including Niagara Falls in Canada.

Your family may want the best school for you. They may look for a school with the best music or math program, or the best sports team. But it may be too far for you to walk to, so someone will have to drive you.

The best hotel may have the cleanest rooms, the fastest WIFI or the best water park. But it may be booked most of the time and too difficult to get into. It could also be too expensive or too far away.

Everything that is the best has something to offer, or to give. It is attractive and people want to be a part of it.

Your best can help you develop and grow. It may also help someone else.

How can you be your best?

First, you are already good at something. Or, there is something you are more interested than anything else. Start by working on that. Learn more about it and do it better. Practice those steps. Set goals for yourself. Then go on to the next step.

Learn to be a good listener. When someone is telling you something, listen well. You will get to know them better. You may discover that you share interests you can work on together and become a team. You may also become good friends.

Make sure you respect yourself. Don’t just go along with a bad idea or agree to something hurtful. Stand up for yourself without bullying, teasing, or put downs. Using kind words to suggest a better way or offering to work out a problem together can sometimes ease a tense situation. Believe in yourself. Respectful talking can lead to helping and accepting each other. If everything else fails, rather than fight, just walk away.

Loreena Thiessen

If you work on a skill you are good at, you have something to offer someone else to help them or to help them develop, just like it will help you.

In the New Testament, Titus learned from the Apostle Paul as they travelled to different churches together. He was a problem solver and gave good instructions to the people, how they should act in order to be their best. Read Titus 2:7-8.


Activity: Make a picnic: taking turns.

Need: blanket; picnic utensils, cups, plates; snacks, water or juice, paring knife to cut apple slices

Do: invite four or five friends

Choose snacks, like crackers, cheese, apple slices, strawberries, water or juice.

Decide who will cut the apple slices. Be careful using the knife.

Choose the picnic site. Perhaps it might be your backyard.

Decide who will set out the plates and cups, and pour the juice.

Decide who will serve the snacks.

Take turns to serve. Remember to be polite.

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