Block, Reimer Begin New Roles on October 1

by Tim Dyck, Executive Director

STEINBACH, Man.— The EMC National office is pleased to announce that Ruth Block has joined the EMC National staff team. Ruth, who is from Steinbach, is the new Missions and Finance Assistant beginning in October.

Ruth is a recent graduate of SBC (BA, focus on Children’s Education and missions). She has extensive experience in the Awana program and administrative support, and is eager to put her skills and training to use as part of the EMC National staff team. Ruth has attended the Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church in Steinbach, and understands the importance of attending an EMC congregation in this role. She will be seeking to join an EMC congregation in the near future.

If you call the EMC office after October 1, you might hear a new voice at the other end. Please take the opportunity to encourage Ruth Block and welcome her to her new role in the EMC office.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Diana Peters, who left at the end of September. Diana provided many years of gracious service in the role of Missions and Finance Assistant. She is well known for her ability to take on many tasks and do them with proficiency and a joyful spirit, and we will definitely miss her.

The EMC National Office is also pleased to announce that Gerald D. Reimer has been selected as the Director of Canadian Church Planting and began serving in this role on October 1.

Gerald has significant experience with Church Planting cross-culturally. For four years he trained and served in Mexico as a missionary youth worker among churches, including in church planting situations, in Chihuahua. For the past two decades Gerald has served the wider EMC as Conference Youth Minister and, more recently, as the Director of Youth and Discipleship, mostly linked to both the Board of Church Ministries and Board of Missions. While his major role is to focus on assisting in church planting, Gerald will continue to provide support to the National Youth Committee on a part-time basis.

In looking at national office staffing and wider patterns of giving, it was thought prudent to reduce overall national office staffing and the Personnel Committee was open to looking within the office as a shift occurred.

Gerald is delighted with his new role. An ordained EMC minister, he is a people person, passionate about evangelism, and practical. The Church Planting Task Force is enthused and delighted to work with Gerald in this new role. Gerald has a BA (WBC, now Providence), a Certificate in Intercultural Studies (RGBI), and an MA (Providence). He is married to Sandy. They have three children, two in post-secondary education.

Tim Dyck, Executive Director

We are grateful for the years of service provided by Charles Koop as the outgoing Director of Canadian Church Planting. Charles had intended to retire at the end of 2019, but a medical situation moved his retirement earlier. Under his leadership, a number of new church starts have been initiated across Canada. We wish Charles and Lorraine Koop a wonderful transition to retirement.

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