Matt Plett Ordained as a Minister

by Daphne Reimer

LANDMARK, Man.—On Sunday, March 3, 2019, we at the Prairie Rose EMC had the privilege of ordaining one of our own, Matt Plett, as minister.

Matt and his wife Tanya have served us as deacons since 2011 and are both actively involved within our church and community outreach. We are incredibly blessed to have them join our ministerial team.

Pastor Mike Plett delivered “An Ordination Charge” based on 2 Timothy 4:1-5. He challenged not only Matt, but all of us to always be prepared to share our faith in all circumstances, including those that require reproof, rebuking or exhortation. With that responsibility in mind, we were instructed that we need to be aware of the content of our ministry: preach the word, bear in mind the climate in which you minister, and be mindful of the character of our ministry.

Victor Engbrecht blessed us in song with hymns specifically chosen by Matt and Tanya which were personally meaningful to them: Rock of Ages and A Mighty Fortress. A potluck followed the service with much fellowship, laughter and delicious food.

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