Crestview: Joint Good Friday Service Held, Baptism Celebrated, Lent Explored

By Jenaya Groen

WINNIPEG, Man.—“From every nation, tribe, people, and language” (Rev. 7:9). This verse perfectly suits the coming together of neighbouring churches on April 19, 2019, for a lively Good Friday service, which was hosted by us this year. For many years now it has been the Crestview Park Free Methodist Church and our pleasure to enjoy an annual event, where we reflect and praise our Saviour on this prominent Friday.

Jesus is the ultimate sacrifice, and what better way to rejoice in this reflection than with our faithfully neighbouring Crestview Park. We can be forever thankful for our Saviour and it is incredibly uplifting to worship with fellow believers in the area. This service began at 10:30 a.m., and following the service the two churches were able enjoy fellowship and some yummy Easter treats.

The highlight of this event has to hear the Ghanaian singers from Crestview Park rejoice and worship in their language and culture. The cultural singing is so encouraging and enthusiastic, it’s hard not to start clapping and join in with their energy as they worship Jesus. Our churches cannot wait until next year’s Good Friday service at Crestview Park, or just maybe we’ll be fortunate enough to gather together in our Saviour’s name more than once this year!

Crestview celebrated with Cheyenne Leweky as she was baptized on March 24, 2019. She gave her heart to Jesus when she was younger, growing up in a Christian home. She decided to show this outward sign of inward change as she shared her meaningful testimony that describes how she faithfully submitted herself to Jesus. Cheyenne’s testimony exemplified Jesus working in her life and her decision to respond to her Father’s call in her life.

Cheyenne’s journey is ongoing and continues to grow deeper with our Lord and Saviour. Cheyenne’s faithful influences of her family, friends, and the church made this day incredibly special as we all rejoiced with this step further into her faith’s journey. Crestview Fellowship Church is encouraged as we watch Cheyenne’s heart overflow with joy from her loving Father (Matt. 3:17).

On Tuesday, April 2, 2019, a ladies’ night was held. The Easter-themed evening began with a Seder (Jewish Passover) meal. Audrey Guenther led us through this traditional Jewish meal that is full of symbolism, remembrance, and celebration of the deliverance of God’s people. Following this, our speaker, Janine Wieler, described her journey and experiences through Lent. Both parts of the evening were very meaningful and enlightening to all of the ladies that took part.

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