Teresa Enns Zehr Invited to be Pastor

by Marilyn Funk

WINNIPEG, Man.—In 2018 the Aberdeen congregation strongly affirmed the work of Teresa Enns Zehr as Aberdeen’s Ministry Coordinator and invited her to a new three-year term with a change in title to pastor, which better reflects Teresa’s ministry to our congregation.

Aberdeen has a long history of sponsoring refugees and has been blessed by the friendship and learnings from these friends from many parts of the globe. Once again, in April and May of 2018 Aberdeen welcomed ten members of Humam Shihab’s family—parents, siblings, in-laws and nephews. Humam and his wife Sabreen were sponsored by Aberdeen and arrived in Canada from Iraq in 2015.

The process to bring the rest of the family has been a lengthy one, and family members spent the past two years waiting in Lebanon. Many Aberdeeners were present to welcome the family members and witness the joyful reunion of the family members. If you would like to be part of this sponsorship, please send a cheque or visit aberdeenemc.ca and follow the donate link to make a designated donation.

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