Letters April 2019

Great Issue in January

by Gordon Dyck, Steinbach, Man.

Congratulations on the last Messenger [Jan.]. Front to back, great issue. I was so inspired by Arden Thiessen’s article that I read The Messenger from cover to cover. I went back to reread Arden’s article and like his accuser found a singular expression that could be misinterpreted. Arden used the word “once” in reference to making a mistake. I know I couldn’t make the claim of once I made a mistake. It struck me as a point of irony that even in our defense we can be misunderstood in a different manner, and the cycle continues. Great job, Arden included, and I will say that more than once.

Thoughts for the Easter Season

by Ray Hamm, Altona, Man.

The season of Lent and Easter is a time of mystery and power. God is much more than a warm security blanket wrapping the earth. Bigger than the whole solar system. In fact, it is not like God lives in some corner of the universe. Remember the song, “He’s got the whole world in his hands.”

Here we are, the Christian stream in the middle of all this. The Bible, especially the Gospels in the New Testament, is our guide in faith and life. Gatherings of believers and discerning the times are important.

Love the Lord your God. Love your neighbour as yourself. Be still and know that I am God.

Be a shepherd; bring people to green pasture and quiet waters. Walk with those in the shadows. Prepare tables for enemies—love, kindness, and mercy. Beat swords into ploughshares. Learn war no more. Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly with God.

Those are all from the “Old Testament.” We say the New Testament calls us to more. Incarnation, salvation, resurrection, discipleship, reconciliation are powerful words. And, amazingly, Jesus invites us to address the Creator, the Lord God Almighty as Father. Listen, learn, share these things with gentleness.

We have more than enough teachings and examples to fill and use all of our hearts, minds, and strength as we try to follow the Jesus of the Gospels.

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