Travis Zacharias, Paraguay: I Love to See People Follow Christ!

by Travis Zacharias

There is something so exciting and moving about coming together to celebrate public declarations of a desire to follow Christ and having a great church service under the trees. I love it!

We were so blessed to hear the testimonies of those being baptized and to hear others encouraging the ones being baptized. Two people were baptized on this Sunday: Fernando, a young man and José, the husband of Miriam who was baptized in May. These stories are shared with their permission.

José talked about how God had been calling him back to him and how for a long time he had ignored God. When their house blew down in January 2018 and they asked a lady from church for help organizing a fundraiser, she asked the church for help and we all pitched in.

He admitted to helping with the fundraiser only to be able to buy bricks to rebuild his house, but his heart changed towards God at that fundraiser through a conversation with a member of the EMC prayer team visiting from Canada. We praise God for the change and the sincere dedication we see in José now.

Fernando is also growing in his faith and learning to trust God. When he gave his testimony he talked about coming to know Christ after being so heartbroken about his mother’s cancer. He was able to say that although his mother’s sickness has been very hard, he is thankful for it because he came to know Christ through it. He is excited about growing in his faith and sharing with others. Pray that he will be firm in his decision to follow God and that we will have joy in honouring God with his life.

But there’s more. There are three more young men who would like to be baptized and we are looking at having another baptism early in 2019. They all have their struggles but it is exciting to see them growing in their faith and wanting to take this step of obedience. May they truly love God with all their heart!

A few more young people made decisions to follow God at camp in December and have begun to participate in church activities. Their excitement and joy is encouraging to see. We pray that they will continue to joyfully put their faith in him as they walk with him day to day.

Travis and Rosey Zacharias (MacGregor) serve in Minga Guazú, a city of 60,000 (2008) in Paraguay located about 20 kms from Brazil.

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