Holy Wanderings: A Guide to Deeper Discipleship

13-lesson guide available now

by CMC, EMMC, and EMC

STEINBACH/WINNPEG, Man.—Looking for a Bible study?

Your church holds classes for young people and adults interested in the Christian faith, baptism, and membership. After attending Christianity 101, Christian Foundations, Baptism and Membership Class, what do they study? Your conference has worked on an answer.

Holy Wanderings: A Guide to Deeper Discipleship is a 13-lesson guide looks at following Jesus together. It was published in November 2018. An effort that began in 2015, it is produced jointly by the CMC, EMMC, and EMC. Most of the writers come from within the three conferences, but outside expertise has also been called upon.

Holy Wanderings has chapters on the Bible and authority, the Bible and interpretation, Christians and worship, the role of the local church, an effective devotional life, stewardship and simple living, the Christian and vocation, everyday evangelism, a look at leadership, faith and culture, Christians and conflict, continuing and commending belief, and pilgrimage—a long, shared journey.

Quotes, discussion questions, and sidebar items will assist discussion and instruction. Ask for copies through your national office. Copies for CMC, EMMC, and EMC churches are subsidized at $5 plus postage.

Kevin Wiebe (EMC) was the pastor who suggested the project. The project’s committee members were Debbie Klassen (CMC), chair Bill Rambo (EMC), Lil Goertzen (EMMC), and Terry Smith (EMC). The book’s designer was Rebecca Roman (EMC).

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