Your gift supports the growth of the church

by Tim Dyck

I’m so grateful for the church that I attend each Sunday. Whenever our family has moved from one city to another, our top priority has been to find a local church where we can learn, grow, serve, give and be challenged in our faith.

For many of us, the local church is the place where we found faith in Jesus, have been baptized, have received teaching and mentoring, and have given and received care with others. In short, God uses the local church to help Him change lives by introducing people to Jesus.

That is why the church is too valuable just to keep to ourselves. Jesus invites everyone everywhere to follow Him and receive abundant life. And we have a part to play in inviting others to join us in following Him.

You can make a difference by supporting the many ministries of the Evangelical Mennonite Conference, including over 100 missionaries serving worldwide, and the planting of churches across Canada. Together, EMC churches, individuals and estates make it possible to touch many lives.

EMC works to see new churches established in other places nearby and far away, so that others can have the same benefits that we enjoy. This is what is meant by the EMC vision to be a movement of people advancing Christ’s Kingdom culture as we live, reach, gather and teach.

In recent years, EMC has experienced growth in seeing churches established in a variety of cultural settings, both in Canada and around the world. These are exciting times for the EMC as we see how God is responding to this expanded vision for His church.

We trust that you give faithfully and generously to your local EMC church, and we encourage this as a top priority! Your church, and you through it, supports the efforts of EMC nationally and internationally.

Many people also donate beyond their home church in order to support our shared ministry financially. Please use the brochure or go to the website to donate ( Thank you for supporting the ministry of EMC. As of mid-December, we need to raise another $375,000. Please consider making a donation by year-end to support the growth of the church in Canada and around the world.

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