Enjoy August!

by Loreena Thiessen

August is soon here. A few more weeks and you’ll be back in school.

For now it’s still summer and there are many things you can do. You can have picnics in your backyard or in a park. You can make your own trail mix, s’mores, or sundaes. You can have a water balloon competition—see who can break the most balloons, or who will be the best target. You can blow bubbles: who will blow the most, or the longest lasting bubble, whose will go the highest. You can play bocce ball, badminton, or Frisbee golf.

You can make handprints using tempera paints, cut the shapes out and hang them on the low branches of a tree or on bushes in your backyard. You can read a new book, read it out loud with a friend while sitting on a blanket under a tree or at a picnic table. You can organize a fancy tea party, bake cookies, visit the zoo, ride your bike or go on a hike. You can decorate the sidewalk with chalk art or make one more trip to the beach.

How can you make the summer last? You can record your activities as you go along. Later you can look back and review them. Did you see something special, the ocean, a lake, mountains, a museum, a fun beach or a playground? Did you make a new friend, or visit an old friend, or a cousin? Did you learn something new? Maybe you learned how to swim or ride a two-wheeler or play a new game.

Take photos of your activities. Keep a record in a journal of all the things you do. Mark on a calendar what you do each day and who shared the fun with you. Draw pictures to show your summer. Then you can look back and remember and continue to enjoy it all again in the coming months.

Make sure to review how to be safe. Go to a playground or a park only if your parents say that you may. Go with a friend or an adult only if your parents say it’s okay. Don’t talk to strangers or go anywhere with them. If you feel unsure or afraid, find your parents or another adult you can trust and tell them about it.

Don’t run into the street to get a ball or near the edge of a cliff, a river or creek on a dare or to show off. Only swim where it’s safe and always with a buddy. Let your parents know where you are and listen to their instructions. They will say where and how far you can go. They want to know that you are safe.

Soon September will be here and you’ll be ready for it.

Loreena Thiessen

You are important to God. Jesus says it is good to be a child. A child enjoys play for the fun that it is. A child trusts that life is good, that people are good. A child accepts others the way they are. A child learns easily and forgives quickly. Jesus says adults too must be like this.

Read Matthew 18:1-5.

Activity: Make a photo journal

Need: camera, time for a walk

Do: choose words like:

play                               happy

shadow                         dance

hop                               peek-a-boo

laugh                             jump

share                             friend

silly face                       yellow

Take a walk in your backyard, a playground or a park, or in your house. With your camera take a photo of an object, a person, or a scene, that shows the word you have in mind. Turn the activity into a guessing game with your family or a friend. Show the photo and have them guess which word it is.


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